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ALPEX Weekly Newsletter (September Week 4)

Latest news and updates from ALPEX, a leader in digital asset trading!

Welcome to the ALPEX newsletter, your resource for the latest important updates from the leader in digital asset and derivatives trading!

ALPEX is dedicated to providing the world’s most secure, stable, and reliable digital asset trading platform, built around currency trading, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, perpetual contract trading, financial derivatives, and much more. ALPEX is the preferred digital asset trading platform for millions of users worldwide and the first choice for both professional and first-time traders in over 150 countries.

Weekly Overview:

It’s been quite a week. As investors continue to globalize digital art, the NFT industry seems to be gaining steam. In addition, global fast-food giant Burger King has joined NFT. As part of its partnership with NFT marketplace Sweet, the fast-food giant launched an NFT campaign on Tuesday. Nearly six million meal boxes have been branded with QR codes as part of the initiative. Burger King says scanning the QR codes will unlock digital collectibles, and collecting them (the collectibles) can lead to gaining bonus NFTs. Winners will receive everything from free Whopper sandwiches for a year to 3D Burger King digital collectibles, autographed items, to an exclusive call with one of the campaign’s celebrities.

In the wake of the bankruptcy filing of China Evergrande, the world’s most indebted real estate developer, the stock market fell and the price of Bitcoin decreased. Investors sold their investments across the board due to fears similar to those experienced during the housing crisis in 2008. The Dow plunged 500 points after this ordeal, its worst drop of the year. For the first time since July, the FTSE 100 fell below 7,000 points in London.

In a report published by Reuters, The United Arab Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority signed an agreement with the Dubai World Trade Centre Authority (DWTCA) to support trading of crypto assets in the free zone of DWTCA, WAM (state news agency) reported on Wednesday.

With its roll-out of the bitcoin tipping feature, Twitter will now enable users to tip content creators in the digital currency, and the feature will be expanded globally, as a way of monetizing content on Twitter. In addition to allowing users to request tips in bitcoin through its app, Twitter is also encouraging the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method. A special badge will be used to authenticate the ownership of NFTs Twitter user’s tweets with their crypto wallets. Tweets can now be tipped via Apple iOS devices after Twitter began test scenarios in May; it will soon be available on Android devices as well.

In other news, according to an announcement by the Avalanche Foundation last week, a DEX aggregator open-sourced by Yield Yak would be added to the Rush program. By providing developer incentives, Yield Yak will advance its DEX (YY Swap).

Lastly, an unprecedented turn of events saw China outlaw crypto transactions and pledge to forbid the mining of digital assets, delivering the industry its greatest blow yet. According to the People’s Bank of China, cryptocurrencies and off-shore exchanges will be considered illicit financial activities. Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Tether, are not fiat currencies and cannot be received or sent as payment.

What will happen to markets in the wake of these events and why should investors HODL their assets? Stay tuned for our next newsletter to learn more.

Technical Summary:

Key developments this week included:

1. The full-position mode of contract transactions has been added.

2. Hot wallets can now be audited for foreign currency withdrawals.

3. Added information on the payment method of BFT redemption orders.

4. FIX currency exchange transaction mode added.

5. Added module for the total daily profit from contract transactions.

6. Changed the number of characters in the text for real-name authentication and payment methods to a maximum of 64 characters.

7. A BUG concerning the deformation of the PC carousel has been fixed.

Further developments planned for the next week:

1. The stop-profit and stop-loss method of contract processing.

2. Identify and collect the demand for Stock Tokens.

Marketing Summary:

In marketing news: A double crackdown on cryptocurrencies is launched by China and the U.S. U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Suex, China’s central bank declared virtual currency trading an illegal financial activity, and the Development and Reform Commission released another document stating that virtual currency mining activities must be comprehensively regulated.

Further, a staggering two trillion RMB worth of liabilities could not be repaid by Evergrande. As a result, further panic spread across the market, causing the bitcoin price to drop below $40,000. The market is still experiencing the panic brought on by this event.

In an update from the marketing department, ALPEX is currently exploring channels and content partners in China and plans to expand its product promotion during the next few months. A special training was conducted by ALPEX’s marketing department on Friday, which allowed team members to acquire a greater understanding of NFT. Lastly, APLEX articles were published on the Chinese blockchain-based news platform Mars Finance.

Social Media Updates:

Twitter: 4,537 followers: 37 likes

Facebook:11,606 followers: 11,104 likes

LinkedIn: 10,763 followers: 274 likes

Instagram:11,311 followers :25 likes

EN and CN Telegram Community: EN followers:2,050 , CN followers:10,120

EN and CN Telegram Announcement: EN followers:1,565 , CN followers: 2,008

News from ALPEX members:

ALPEX customer service staff communicates effectively with customers and handles difficult problems efficiently. These are some of the questions users asked this week:

1. How do I apply to become one of your agencies?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, A “contract agency” cooperation plan has not been launched by the exchange. We encourage you to keep an eye on our official website. If there are any updates, it will be announced on our website. Our official website is as follows:

2. Why hasn’t the deposit been credited to my account yet?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, By providing your UID, we can track the progress of your withdrawal. Thank you for your cooperation.

3. Why are my contract orders automatically closed before my take profit point is reached?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, Our platform determines the mark price at the opening, closing, and liquidation points. In the current market, the marked price is generally recognized as being stable. It is a price that prevents users from inserting pins caused by short-term transaction depth in the market and resulting in user losses.

4. What is the payment method setup process?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, When you click the [Fiat currency transaction] button on the APP homepage to enter the fiat currency transaction page, click […] (three dots button) on the upper right, and select [Receive payment in the drop-down box Method] Submit application settings.

5. Are margin credits available?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, Currently, the margin credit mechanisms of our platform have been disabled, but you can still access the official website by clicking the link below:

Please subscribe to the official ALPEX announcement and learn more about the reward mechanisms.

6. Is there a time limit for withdrawals?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, Every day, between 2pm and 8pm Beijing time, we cannot withdraw for 6 hours.

7. How do I deposit in a fiat currency transaction?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, You can complete your deposit by logging in to our official platform, clicking [Fiat currency transaction], entering the currency quantity or amount, and following the pop-up instructions.

8. Is your platform secure and compliant?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, As one of the world’s leading companies, ALPEX has been actively cooperating with national legislation in various countries, promoting global compliance development, as well as developing blockchain technology innovation and digital technology development. Our company has obtained financial service licenses from Canada, the Philippines, and St. Vincent. Feel free to register.

9. What is the official website?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, ALPEX’s official website is

10. How do I check the revenue from a contract?

RE: Dear ALPEX User, You can check it by clicking the [contract] icon in the upper right corner of the platform.

Lastly, users with other questions can log into the ALPEX official website and mobile app to find answers in the “Help Center” section. Please send us an email at if your questions are not answered on the page to consult our customer service staff.

ALPEX Team Update

Our strategy for growth and talent acquisition continues. In the last week, we have again been busy on-boarding new team members, although we still have many more vacancies to fill.

If you would like to be part of the future of digital asset trading, then we would love to hear from you. Just send your CV, along with a covering letter to:

Thank you for reading our latest newsletter and for continuing to be a part of the ALPEX family. We look forward to bringing you more important updates again next week!


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