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Matrix 4 is Fast Approaching: The Meta Fashion Era Will Begin

Virtual worlds are gaining dominance with classes, concerts, and meetings held online. As more and more people spend time there, they want to be better represented. They expect their avatars to look their best. Someone you know may have purchased Zoom backgrounds or a ring light to improve the lighting of their face on-screen. Virtual fashion is just another step in that direction.

During the past couple of years, digital and physical fashion have become more prominent in the fashion industry, and it has contributed to three facets of digital fashion:

1. Phygital: producing physical apparel using digital fashion

2. Combining physical and digital fashion: wearable fashion using augmented or virtual reality.

3. Fully digital fashion: digital clothes sold directly to avatars.

There are two types of metaverses: physical and digital combined and digital-only.

As an economic opportunity and as a way to create a deeper relationship with the GenZ generation, collaboration with the gaming industry is crucial to the fashion industry. Additionally, it is exciting for creators because it enables them to explore their identity and display elements of themselves they wouldn’t usually show off in person. There is no limit to their creativity and freedom. Balenciaga and Fortnite have developed skins and other accessories together, while Burberry and Tencent have done the same for Honor of Kings skins. Additionally, many of these joint ventures offer physical garments, like exclusive, limited-edition pieces featured in the game.

In fact, the tech-savvy Balenciaga brand already showed a runway collection inside a video game. Perhaps Dolce & Gabbana will follow suit. Although NFT was essentially cancelled by the digital world on at least two occasions, the brand nonetheless dazzled it earlier this month when it sold an NFT couture collection titled “Collezione Genesi” for a record $15 million on the digital luxury marketplace UNXD.

Among the companies that have truly embraced the metaverse is Fabricant. It partnered with Cryptokitties to create the Iridescence dress, the world’s first digital-only dress that was later sold at auction in 2019 for $9500. In order to create the blockchain-based dress, real-life materials were used to create a digital version using real-life materials, creating hope that its physical version will one day exist.

In the years since that auction, the digital fashion industry has grown exponentially. Digital fashion has also become part of the protest movement. Carling’s, a retailer brand, released its “The Last Statement T-shirt,” which displays an array of political messages when viewed with a phone but not when viewed in person.

In addition to this, if you are on Instagram, you might have encountered posts from digital models and influencers. Miquela Sousa, a prominent influencer who often posts videos to Tik Tok or Instagram of her “life” in branded clothes, is an avatar developed by Brud, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics based in Los Angeles.

As we prepare to wonder what fashion’s future path will be, the digitalization of fashion is undoubtedly intriguing. Wearing clothing in pixels is not the same as wearing it in real life. Making fashion immersive will require creating haptic feedback to deliver a credible sense of touch, such as that of silk. Nevertheless, this method does have the advantage of using environmentally friendly materials, unlike fast fashion.

The ALPEX Global team is well ahead of the game. We believe in futuristic thinking. The metaverse is the next step in the evolution of the Internet, according to ALPEX Global. A shared online space where physical, augmented and virtual reality are combined. The metaverse is a 4-dimensional version of today’s internet. As opposed to being merely an observing medium, it is one of which you are apart. For the new year, our team explored their meta fashion. We captured some stunning images.

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