Case Study: Hamilton Arts Council

The Hamilton Arts Council is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the arts and culture in the City of Hamilton by increasing accessibility. Utilizing existing branding, Orbital set out to create North America’s best Arts Council website — and we think we did! The new Hamilton Arts Council website is responsive and accessible, meeting and exceeding WCAG and AODA compliance.

Orbital also created tools that serve as a resource for members of the Hamilton Arts Council, and community as a whole. By developing an online Member Profile builder with Drupal, members are now able to create their own space on the web where they can showcase their art, write blog posts and moderate their social media without the worry of maintaining web space or hosting.

Tight integration with social network APIs, including Twitter and Facebook, the Hamilton Arts Council website helps the organization stay focused by moderating and automating their Tweets and Facebook Statuses automatically.

Online payment integration using the Stripe API allowed Orbital to implement reliable, secure low-cost transactions that enabled easy donation and membership payments. Hamilton Arts Council has experienced a notable increase in the number of members and donations since the launch of their new site.

To see more, visit the Hamilton Art Council’s new website.

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