Eating Healthy in Hamilton

Here at Orbital, sustainability is something we focus on; in what we build and what we buy. In light of this, we recently decided to introduce a new benefit to all current and future members of our team: Mustard Seed Co-op memberships. The Mustard Seed Co-op is a new grocery store that gives Hamiltonians access to a variety of locally produced, sustainable food, and much of it is made by local Hamilton producers. Hero Coffee, Cake & Loaf, Mapleton’s Organic Ice Cream are a few of our favourites, but there are plenty more.

The decision to introduce this benefit was a no brainer, really. At $100 for a lifetime membership, it is an incredibly small investment that gives so much in return. Access to a variety of locally produced, sustainable food is something people used to take for granted. Today we are forced to make a case for it, and we think the Mustard Seed Co-op does just that.

We recently attended the Mustard Seed Co-op’s grand opening, and immediately noticed a community network effect happening. While we shopped around, some local musicians treated shoppers to some great tunes, reminding us all that there is some truly amazing talent in our city. We were especially happy to see our favourite new local band, Lee Baby Sims performing their own original music, while several local vendors offered samples of their offerings.

We’re not the only organization to introduce this sort of philosophy into our culture, but we wish that even more businesses would. To write a list of the benefits would be easy, but none stands out more than this one: Healthier food = healthier brain.

Want to learn more about the Mustard Seed Co-op? Watch this video, then head on over to the Mustard Seed Co-op’s website and become a member today.

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