Introducing the 2013 Supercrawl app for iOS and Android

As many of you may already know, the Orbital team is entirely made up of folks who have had the pleasure of being born and raised in the City of Hamilton. This is precisely why we could not have been more thrilled to have had the opportunity to build and develop the 2013 Supercrawl application for iOS and Android.

Now in its 5th consecutive year, Supercrawl is an event that exemplifies the evolving transformation of James Street North and its surrounding area, into the hub it has become for artists and art lovers alike.

After many hours of hard (…but admittedly fun) work, we are delighted to say that our end-product is packed with not just flashy, but functional features that Supercrawl goers will really appreciate.

Here are a few of the neat features we’ve packed in:


While using the app, hit the “Twitter” feature and all of your tweets within the app are automatically hashtagged with #Supercrawl2013! What’s more, your tweets may appear on the Supercrawl Map for others to see!

Supercrawl Map

When designing the Supercrawl Map, we wanted to create a useful experience that wasn’t littered with hundreds of unusable markers and points of interest. The illustrated re-imagining of the James Street North district was created in collaboration with the Supercrawl team to highlight key areas of the event, while emphasising the character and architecture of downtown Hamilton. The GPS-enabled map also allows users to easily locate nearby points of interest. With a lot of help from the Supercrawl team, we were able to create a map that provides detailed information on where to find your favourite artists, vendors, places to eat and more.


Moving beyond simply providing event scheduling information, users also have the ability to access information on artists as well as performer profiles. Each profile can be shared with your friends. The app pulls the data for artists, food, performances and other listings from an external event system API.


We wanted to make it easy for attendees to know exactly where and when the next performance takes place. Using the Schedule feature, users can quickly find the next scheduled performance or event — fast.

Art Crawl

For the duration of the year when Supercrawl is not taking place, the application becomes the James Street North Art Crawl app. Because no one “owns” Art Crawl, we worked to develop a centralized, but democratic system that allows James Street North vendors to edit their own listings and influence the direction of the app’s potential. We’ll provide more information about how James Street North vendors can access their listing soon.

It was hard not to feel inspired when you are talking about an event that aims to showcase so much of the great talent we know, and have always known, this city holds. It is with this spirit of creation and innovation that Orbital, working closely with the fabulous Supercrawl crew, created your guide to getting the most out of this amazing cultural arts and music festival.

Download the app now for iOS and Android.

For more information about Supercrawl, visit the Supercrawl website.

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