Mayweather vs McGregor: Art of Boxing or Cockfight?

It’s been confirmed.

The biggest fight in the recent boxing history is happening! Floyd Mayweather will challenge Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on the 26th of August. The rumours are the contestants will get paid over 100 million US dollars for the fight.

The talks about the fight have been circulating for months and there was a big question mark on whether it would actually happen.

Mayweather retired from boxing for the past two years and McGregor isn’t a professional boxer. He’s a mixed-martial artist. So, why would they call the fight?

Mayweather is chasing his own records of pay-per-view and he wants to give the public what they demand. Fans wanted to see a fight between the two unbeatable champions in their own category and that’s what they’re aiming to give them.

We cannot expect just a boxing match. It’s going to be a spectacle and entertainment show. And, we will definitely see blood and tears.

Bookies have already geared up their odds, placing Mayweather as a big winner and dooming McGregor an underdog. The logic seems to be simple — Mayweather is considered to be one of the best boxers in history, so he surely shouldn’t struggle against a martial artist.

But, after a hefty retirement from boxing and at his age, will he be able to do that?

Floyd Mayweather 🇺🇸

He’s 40-years old and has 49 fights on his account that he has never lost. Undefeated as a professional and a world champion, he retired 2 years ago from boxing with no plans of coming back.

Putting aside his boxing successes, he’s also one of the most lucrative athletes in history and he topped up the Forbes list as the highest paid athletes in history. For someone who started as an amateur, generating approximately $1.3bln in revenue is quite a success.

Floyd’s strengths are definitely his technique and how intelligently he uses it on the ring. Mayweather doesn’t just walk into a fight, he’s smart about his skills and knows how to quickly use it against the opponent.

He doesn’t try to knock the other contestant down in the first few rounds. Instead, he uses this time to study and read the other boxer. There are 12 rounds in a fight and he makes the best out it, striking towards the end and finishing the fight with a win.

This cat and mouse play tires the opponent and exhausts him mentally, giving Mayweather a huge advantage point.

Mayweather has never been one for a spectacular knockout. He rather uses his precision and almost a scientific knowledge of the sport to defeat his rival. Is he going to continue with that technique while facing McGregor, who’s style couldn’t be more different than that?

Conor McGregor 🇮🇪

This 29-year old boxer and a mixed martial artist had abandoned his plumbing career and decided that he would become a millionaire by the age of 25. He surely did so.

While Mayweather is known for the highest PPV in boxing, McGregor did the same in MMA. He also featured on Forbes list of the richest athletes around the world. With his extravagant, lavish lifestyle, and outspoken mouth, he notched the scope of becoming a celebrity.

McGregor has a deep background in striking martial arts — both boxing and Taekwondo — which helps explain his diverse skill set. While it’s never easy to predict which path he intends to follow, McGregor’s striking can most easily be broken down into the categories of range kicking and counter punching.

He attacks with a wide variety of kicks and spinning attacks. Some of these are more style than substance, but they still serve the purpose of keeping his opponent hesitant or causing him to push towards McGregor into a slip and counter.

McGregor’s biggest strength is not withing his physical abilities. When he’s in the ring, he has a mindset of a true champion. He starts, convinced, that he can beat anyone and literally do anything if he puts enough effort.

And, there’s nothing that can stop him from doing so. He’s still aware of his weaknesses and his opponents’ but at the same time, he knows that nothing and nobody can beat him.

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Who’s going to win?

Let’s not be misled — it won’t be the greatest boxing fight in history. Yes, two great champions will be competing against each other, but they are both masters of two different worlds; boxing and martial arts.

The fight will be held under boxing rules, which definitely puts McGregor at a disadvantage. Small UFC gloves, leg kicks or takedowns won’t be allowed. Mayweather’s has definitely higher chances of winning, with his master technique. And, that’s also everyone’s prediction.

On the other side, McGregor is well-known for his bravado and a mindset of an animal who never loses. He’s not going for a friendly sparring. He’s going for the biggest win of his life and nobody is going to stop him.

Undoubtedly, the fight will be an event that will go to history. But, whether due to the beauty of boxing or the ugliness of two world’s champions fighting against each other, we will find out on the 26th of August.

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