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Latisse vs. Castor Oil

Our verdict in a nutshell: in the battle of Latisse vs. Castor Oil, it’s a clear win for Latisse.

No studies have shown castor oil to improve eyelash growth, and users report very mixed results. Doctors explain that the reason people think castor oil works is because of its moisturizing and conditioning benefits. It can help avoid premature eyelash breakage by nourishing them, making them appear thicker and longer. When lashes look glossier, fuller, and more lush, it gives off the impression that they have grown or are healthier.

Just beware that putting anything around your eyes that is not specifically formulated or tested for the eyes comes with the risk of irritation, redness, and other side effects if you’re not careful. Latisse is a prescription treatment that has been tested for eyelash growth, and castor oil is a natural vegetable oil which has not been tested cosmetically.

Currently, Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash serum on the market, and there is ample evidence to show it is very effective for lash growth. Latisse’s active ingredient, bimatoprost, was originally used in eye drops designed to treat glaucoma when patients quickly realized that one side effect of this drug was longer and thicker lashes.

In 2008, bimatoprost was approved by the FDA for use in eyelash growth treatment. It is believed that Latisse works by extending the growth phase of your eyelashes. First, this gives the eyelash additional time to grow, which can result in longer lashes. Second, it delays the point at which the eyelash falls out, which can help with the thickness of your lashes.

Thus, our verdict: in the battle of Latisse vs. Castor Oil, it’s a clear win for Latisse.




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