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Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in style with Alpha Impact Red Packets (*worth $700 in FOLO credits).

Happy Lunar New Year! Since 2023 falls under the Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit, which represents prosperity, peace, and long life, it is expected to be a hopeful year. The crypto market appears to be very bullish for 2023, and things could get even better soon!

Event Period: 20 January 2023–1 February 2023

To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, Alpha Impact has created a “Collect-and-Earn” promotion in which we reward new users who sign up and comment on our platform!

During this time, new users can pick the brains of experienced traders on the Alpha Impact Platform by asking questions, commenting on market trends, or even posting their own technical analyses of the coins they trade or like. You can earn 700 $FOLO every day by logging in and posting or commenting on the Alpha Impact Platform.

How does the collect-and-earn promotion work?

  1. Sign up and log in to your Alpha Impact account to get started.
  2. You will see a “gift” icon on the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on the “gift” icon.

Under “Daily Tasks”, you can see what you’ll need to complete to earn your rewards.

3. Try writing a social media post with engaging questions and observations about the trends in the cryptocurrency market, or post your own technical analysis that you are trading on right now.

3a. If you are unsure of what to post, you can still interact with other traders on the Alpha Impact Platform by commenting on their posts and getting rewarded.

Where to receive my FOLO Rewards?

Once the task is completed, simply click back to the “gift” icon each day to claim your reward.

You will be unable to redeem your reward if you have not completed the task. So remember to post or comment to a trader on the Alpha Impact Platform. Your Alpha Impact account will then be credited with the rewards you collected.

Once you have logged in and completed the task for 7 consecutive days, the page will show the following below:

That means you collect and earn 700 FOLO in 7 days!

Extra Bonus Perks

Do you want to earn some FREE FOLO?

Do also keep tabs on this space as we roll out other exciting campaigns, such as our exclusive Referral Program promotion. Share with your friends and family to earn money together!

Things to Note

  1. You must use a special CNY code when signing up.
  2. You will be required to log in and complete seven daily tasks over a period of seven consecutive days to qualify for the redemption of 700 FOLO credits.
  3. If you break your 7-day streak, you will be credited for the number of days you logged in and completed the task.
  4. If you log in and complete the task after breaking your 7-day streak, you will not be able to continue from where you left off. This means, your rewards will start on Day 1 again.
  5. To earn the maximum amount of FOLO credits, be sure to log in and complete the tasks for 7 consecutive days.
  6. To be eligible for the rewards, you will be required to either write a post OR comment on another user’s post. Please note that you do not have to do both tasks, and there are no restrictions on who your audience for the post can be (i.e., the public or subscribers only).
  7. The rewards earned from this program can be used to subscribe to other traders’ portfolios.

And that’s it! We hope this comprehensive guide will help you unlock your daily rewards. If you have any questions or concerns, click here to talk to our team.

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