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How to Buy FOLO tokens with Low Gas Fees (almost $0 transaction fees)

Experienced traders have been speculating on crypto for years, but what if you’re new to the market and are looking to get a piece of the action?

Here’s how you can start with Alpha Impact. In this guide, we will go through the 10 steps on how to buy FOLO — Alpha Impact’s central currency, where users can use these tokens to pay for subscriptions, and where traders can get monetized.

What is FOLO?

The launch of FOLO tokens on the Polygon network is designed to coordinate interactions between Copy Traders who are looking to share in the most profitable trades and Pro Traders looking to monetize their trading skills and knowledge. This will increase the liquidity for users who hold these tokens.

What can you do with your FOLO?

Alpha Impact’s main value proposition is to connect new users eager to enter the crypto world to top traders that wish to share their trades and receive additional rewards for their trading skills.

As Alpha Impact launches our Trader Signals Monetization Program, FOLO tokens will be used as the central currency of the platform. These tokens will be used for subscription payment towards the traders, as a way for traders to earn incentives on our platform.

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How to buy FOLO?

You can watch our “How to Buy FOLO” video or simply follow our 10-step guide below:

1. Go to Alpha Impact website

Click on “Buy FOLO” and you should be directed to the QuickSwap plugin on our website.

You can also head straight to the QuickSwap site to facilitate the swap but we do recommend swapping for FOLO on our website. This is to prevent any possible scams and the risk of buying tokens from the wrong token address. You can verify and check by clicking on “Polygonscan FOLO Token Address”

*The following steps are the same, whether you are on the Alpha Impact website or on the Quickswap website.

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet

*If you do not have MetaMask, click here to download MetaMask.

Once you are on the site, you should see the “Connect Wallet” button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button.

Then, click on Metamask to connect your MetaMask wallet. You can also connect other wallets but we will strongly recommend using the MetaMask wallet.

A pop-up window of MetaMask should then appear. All you have to do is select the account that you want to use, then click “Next”. Click “Next” again to confirm the connection. The connecting screen should then appear.

The pop-up browser should then close automatically. Your wallet address should now replace the “Connect Wallet” widget. Your balance of MATIC should also be shown on the interface.

To double-check your connection, you can also open your MetaMask browser extension. Your network should be on the Polygon network, if you are unsure how to connect Polygon to MetaMask, click here.

3. Ensure that you have MATIC

To start the procedure, you have to ensure that you have MATIC in your MetaMask wallet. If you are unsure how to acquire MATIC, here are some guides that might help:

How to buy MATIC on

How to buy MATIC on Binance?

How to swap to MATIC on MetaMask?

*Although the swap can be done by swapping other tokens to FOLO, MATIC is needed to pay the gas fees for the swap itself. Thus, it is essential that you have MATIC in your MetaMask wallet.

4. Import FOLO’s token address

Note: The token address should be automatically imported if you are on the Alpha Impact website, however, if you are not on the Alpha Impact website or the token address does not automatically show, follow the steps below.

To import the token address, click on “Select a token”.

Then, under the search bar, key in our token address.

Token Address: 0xef205f99bd869e74b16050199d54327a0ecd343d

Simply click on FOLO, and the token should be visible on the interface. You can also click on “Add” to permanently add the token address into your QuickSwap database.

Ensure that The “From” should be MATIC and the “To” should be FOLO.

5. Choose the amount of MATIC you want to convert to FOLO

To swap to FOLO, you can either key in the amount of MATIC you want to swap, or key in the amount of FOLO you want to receive. The conversion will then be done automatically.

6. Swap MATIC to FOLO

Review the slippage and the route of the swap, gas fees, and price impact of the swap. If everything is good, you can go ahead to click “Swap”.

The price of the gas fees will be heavily influenced by the congestion on the network. If there is low congestion, the price will be lower and vice versa.

7. Review the swap and gas fees

If you take some time to click swap, the price might have been changed, all you have to do is click “Accept” then click “Confirm Swap”.

8. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask

Your QuickSwap screen should then indicate that it is waiting for confirmation and a pop-up browser will then appear from MetaMask.

Review the gas fees required, then click “Confirm” if you are okay with the amount of gas fees that need to be paid.

9. Success! Your First FOLO Transaction!

The transaction should then be submitted. You can click “View on Block Explorer” to review the transaction details.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you should also receive a confirmation notification from MetaMask.

10. Importing the FOLO token to your MetaMask wallet.

Do not panic if you are unable to find your FOLO in your MetaMask wallet even if the transaction has gone through. You must first import the FOLO token into MetaMask to view the amount of tokens you have swapped or purchased.

To import the FOLO token to MetaMask, open your MetaMask browser extension and click “Import tokens”.

Key in FOLO token contract address and the token symbol. The token decimal will be automatically inputted as 18.

Token Address: 0xef205f99bd869e74b16050199d54327a0ecd343d

Token Symbol: FOLO

Then, click “Add Custom Token” to add the token.

Then you will see FOLO token icon and the balance that you have. Click “Import Tokens”

The amount of FOLO tokens that you have exchanged should then be reflected on the screen. The main screen of your wallet should also display the amount of FOLO tokens you have.

And this is how you acquire FOLO! We understand that this may be a complicated process, but we do hope that our step-by-step guides will help you in acquiring FOLO. If you have any questions or face any problems in acquiring FOLO, you can contact us here.

Welcome to the Polygon network! You can now make transactions with much lower gas fees.

To learn more:

Click here to access How to connect Polygon to Metamask?

Click here to access How to acquire MATIC? The Ultimate Guide.

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