It’s the economy, stupid!

Toll Brothers’ should seriously reconsider their future earnings release dates to not coincide with US New Home Sales data, which unexpectedly fell sharply — 11.4% vs. Wall St. expectation of about 1%.

What else explains the approx. 1% drop in its stock prices after reporting “better than expected” big earnings beat thanks to the “best spring selling season” in 10 years!

Toll Brothers had a 40% rise in quarterly profits and is focused on delivering millennial-friendly affordable homes called T-Select whose typical ticket sizes are lower than their luxury homes.

Though new homes data was a shocker, Wall St. is not perturbed for now, as it only accounts for about 10% of the housing market. The bulk of the housing market is sales of existing homes and that data would be reported later today by The National Association of Realtors!

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