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Andrew Teoh is a very well rounded executive with deep experience in finance and operations. Andrew was the former Vice President and Head of Corporate Finance & Treasury at Alibaba Group, China’s largest internet company. In is role as Alibaba’s Vice President, he led the successful buyout of Alibaba’s shares from Yahoo and also led Alibaba’s IPO onto the New York Stock Exchange. Not only is Andrew well versed in international business, he’s also very knowledgeable and proficient about China’s domestic market. He’s also led teams at previous companies such as ABN AMRO’s Corporate Finance, PwC Consulting, and Ameba Capital. Andrew brings a wealth of strategic knowledge and direct investment experience to AlphaNu. We will be working closely with him to expand the algorithmic trading industry in China.

1. Tell us about your background.

Andrew has close to 20 years working in the technology sector as investor, entrepreneur, and advisor. He has founded Ameba Capital, a leading early stage technology venture fund in China. Currently, he is co-founder and CIO of Ikaria Capital, which focuses on public and late stage private equity technology investments. He is also the Ex VP and Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury for Alibaba Group, and earlier in his life worked as an investment banker focusing on TMT.

2. How do you feel about blockchain’s future development?

I believe that blockchain is a truly transformative technology. However, for anything with such a potential it will take a long time to cross hurdles before it achieves mainstream adoption. Such hurdles can include rules and regulation, implementation, working with existing incumbents threatened by the technology, finding business cases with high value add and acceptable by adopters, and most important of all, innovators needing to survive the journey with ample capital to fund their ideas and realize it.

3. Can you see any potential impacts that blockchain will have on your industry?

I am in the finance / investment and technology space. In both of these spheres blockchain is potentially a huge enabler to create much greater efficiency thus generating enormous value. It takes data transmission and storage to the next level.

4. How did you first meet AlphaNu team?

Allen Sung introduced me to AlphaNu.

5. What motivated you to become an advisor?

I trust Allen’s judgment and acumen in being able to identify game-changing companies. I am always thinking about the future and the potential changes, and I am proud to be able to advise a blockchain company I believe will be a key part of the future.

6. How do you think Alphanu will create change?

I believe AlphaNu can democratize the traditional asset management industry dominated by mutual and hedge funds by providing retail investors institutional grade trading algorithms, thereby lowering retail investors’ entry barrier to investment strategies which were not available to them previously. This is aligned with how blockchain will help to minimize the cost of transactions and enhance the overall transparency of the asset management industry.



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Premier marketplace for trading algorithms developed by Wall Street professionals


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AlphaNu is a marketplace that facilitates the subscriptions of powerful trading algorithms created by top Wall Street developers.



Premier marketplace for trading algorithms developed by Wall Street professionals

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