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David previously worked for the Big 4 consulting firms such as PwC Consulting and Deloitte. He is well connected in the blockchain industry with numerous contacts. David previously advised Loom Network, Metadium, and XYO Network, all with successful ICOs. He is named as one of the 50 Most Influential Figures in Blockchain by CoinTelegraph.

1. Background

David comes from 13 years of consulting Fortune 500 companies globally during his time with PwC and Deloitte. While at PwC from 2017–2018, David was a key consultant for blockchain companies and digital asset exchanges, many of which are globally recognized as leading players in the industry today.

2. How do you feel about blockchain’s future development?

Blockchain development has recently overcome a key milestone in its history since the creation of Bitcoin — they are gaining strong confidence from the mainstream in 2019. Two significant events that evidence this change are JP Morgan Chase and Facebook going public with its JPM Coin and Libra. Both companies employ the brightest minds in the world today and their support for the industry have and will continue to convince mainstream to adopt blockchain technologies in their businesses.

3. Can you see any potential impacts that blockchain will have on your industry?

Blockchain will have a significant impact to industries today much like how ERPs such as SAP and Oracle have impacted how business operated from 2005–2015. Blockchain will help drive efficiency through smart contracts and collaboration, trust through an immutable and transparent ledger, and stronger security through cryptography.

4. How did you first meet Alphanu team?

Alphanu was first introduced to me through mutual friends in traditional finance and quant trading.

5. What motivated you to become an advisor?

In my current business of algorithmic programming and quant trading, I was clearly aware that there was definitely an opportunity for the business model to be disrupted and allowing quant developers an option to build a business case without the “middle man” or a fund management company. Alphanu’s business model definitely peaked my interest and knowing that it was a matter of when a participant would disrupt the model and not if, I wanted to make sure I take part in Alphanu’s journey in disrupting the market given my existing, deep network within the traditional finance industry.

6. How do you think Alphanu will create change?

Alphanu will be one of the first pioneers to introduce a new business model to an audience that is familiar with being accepting of change. Those in blockchain have sacrificed time, money, and reputation believing in a technology that the mainstream has consistently doubted for the past 10 years. By working in tandem with a like-minded audience, Alphanu has a higher chance in disrupting the traditional, quant trading business model.


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Premier marketplace for trading algorithms developed by Wall Street professionals

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