OFFICIAL UPDATES: Developer portal and coding environment beta

According to the roadmap released by AlphaNu, we are now in the 2019 Phase 2 stage. We recently listed our ANU Token on Bitforex’s exchange, and at the same time, testing has been finished on our developer portal and coding environment beta. Let us share this exciting result and show the interface designed for developers with you!

< Step 1 > Key-in “” in browser

We recommend to key-in the URL or clear the browser cache beforehand to enter the website and to avoid auto-blockings.Web page browsing and algorithm simulated backtestings are currently valid for public access.

< Step 2 > Click “Research Now”→ “Notebook”

The “Notebook” section in our developer portal is where the developer can save the algorithms he or she is currently working on.

< Step 3 > Choose “Statistical Arbitrage” to enter backtest­­­ interface

Only the Statistical Arbitrage strategy is available for simulated backtesting. Algorithm developers will use ANU token as a stakeholder for accessing our database in the future.

< Step 4 > Run a simulated backtest

Run a simulated backtest: choose dates (test time will be based on the period you set up) → click "csi300" → save →click on “Backtest” button

< Step 5 > Backtest completed!

Coding interface on the left; backtest results on the right.

Video tutorial:

AlphaNu will continue to follow our schedule and will seek to start the recruitment of Wall Street developers onto our platform.

Stay tuned for updated news!

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Premier marketplace for trading algorithms developed by Wall Street professionals


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AlphaNu is a marketplace that facilitates the subscriptions of powerful trading algorithms created by top Wall Street developers.



Premier marketplace for trading algorithms developed by Wall Street professionals

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