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AlphaSights is accelerating progress for professionals around the world by connecting them to the knowledge they need to make smarter decisions, outthink the competition, and drive business forward.
Note from the editor

Discover AlphaSights. We’re a global leader in knowledge search committed to accelerating progress for our clients, social impact partners, and ourselves. Read on to explore our industry, offices, and the AlphaSights way of life. To learn more, visit www.alphasights.com.

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AlphaSights connects professionals across the world to deep industry insights and knowledge. Learn how we think, work, and make an impact.
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Izzy Spada
New Yorker. Tufts Grad. AlphaSights Marketer. Lipstick Lover. I value forward thinking, positivity, & the inclusion of others.
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Greg Sexton
Connecting corporate professionals to unique insights through @AlphaSights’ innovative research model of knowledge search.
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Max Cartellieri
Entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience founding, building, and growing businesses focused on the knowledge economy. Co-founder at AlphaSights.
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Sloan Danenhower
Helping leaders in the F1000 make better decisions with @AlphaSights’ platform of knowledge search.
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Christian Anderson
Healthcare guy @ AlphaSights helping teams accelerate their progress through knowledge search. Thinker of thoughts & doer of deeds.
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Mollie Epstein
Passionate about the developing social impact sector and creating positive social change. Manager at AlphaSights.