Alpha Trading Labs booth at the FIA Expo 2017 in Chicago

The Chicago Cubs and our week at the FIA Expo.

Last week, the FIA Expo came to Chicago, like it does every year. This year, Alpha Trading Labs had a booth so that we could introduce our company to the attendees. In order to standout from all the other companies at the Expo, we decided to highlight something that said “Chicago”. And nothing says Chicago more than the Chicago Cubs (at least not in October).

Our theme for the expo was — Believe. The thought process was simple. The Cubs were playing in the League Championship Series, something that was unbelievable from 1908–2016. Alpha Trading Labs was doing something unbelievable — opening its high-frequency trading platform for the world to use.

We also gave the attendees the opportunity to win $1,000 Apple Gift Cards. If you were unable to attend the Expo but still want to enter the drawing, there is still time. Go to this link.

For the Cubs, it was “wait ’til next year” again as they lost to the Dodgers. To try out the Alpha Trading Labs research platform, you don’t have to wait until next year, as we will start our Beta testing very soon.

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