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Digital collectibles and NFTs have grown exponentially over the past few years thanks to blockchain technology's fast recognition and adoption. Digital collectibles have expanded their market from digital designers to brands and organizations who want to improve their community engagement and enhance their long-term brand value while providing a new opportunity for monetization.

However, a few challenges block organizations and brands from moving forward in creating their first digital collection.

First and foremost, they need more confidence in understanding the market and the readiness of their customers. Despite the fast growth of the blockchain and NFT market, the overall adoption in the US still needs to grow. According to a recent report, only 13% of Americans own digital currencies. In the current transaction process of purchasing digital collectibles, consumers must first hold a blockchain wallet with the underlying currency of the blockchain on which the collection is created. Given that traditional brands and organizations generally target broad-based US consumers, the prerequisites of owning wallets and digital currencies filter out most customers who hesitate due to uncertainty and complexity.

Secondly, creating and launching a digital collection requires tremendous work and a learning curve. One needs to understand how blockchain works generally, select the blockchain to launch on, and then design tens of thousands of unique NFT images for the collection. This requires teams of subject-matter experts to achieve.

Lastly, once launched, managing the customer relationship, financial reporting, and business intelligence to continue improving sales and marketing is also a challenging task.

Addressing these challenges, Alpha Trend created a holistic solution — a portal — with various technical components that make any organization more comfortable and profitable with its Web3 journey.

Bridging the gap between web2 and web3

The Alpha Trend launchpad, Alpha Launch, offers a versatile experience that caters to Web3 enthusiasts and those more accustomed to traditional dollar-based transactions. Users can create an email-based account and link their credit or debit cards for seamless digital collectible purchases. After the purchase, a blockchain wallet bearing the organization's label is generated to store the collectibles securely. Alpha Trend's cutting-edge technology guarantees the utmost security for these wallets. This unique approach allows our users a web2-like experience while enjoying the benefits of web3 technology, alleviating many uncertainties and complexities for our organization's users.

Dual-currency collection in both dollar and MATIC with real-time currency conversation

AI-based NFT creation and launching process

We have built an AI-based approach that simplifies and expedites digital collectible creation and launch. Traditionally, designing a digital collection includes several intricate steps to ensure the uniqueness of each collectible, a particularly daunting task when dealing with thousands of items. Typically, a designer begins by selecting a set of base images, like an athlete’s headshot or action shot, and then adds various combinations of traits and backgrounds to these base images to guarantee each is unique with distinct attributes. These images and the metadata files describing all the information will be used to create the collection on the blockchain. However, this manual process is time-intensive and prone to errors and bugs.

Alpha Trend has developed an in-house AI-based approach using computer vision technology to create thousands of NFT images in minutes automatically. By automating various aspects of the creation process, we’ve condensed the entire procedure to just a few hours while ensuring it remains error-free.

Fully automated NFT creation with the poke card template by Alpha Trend

Localized user experiences for your community

For many organizations and brands, their primary customer base for this new Web3 product line resides within the community that has already been created. Creating a website or digital storefront that imparts a strong sense of “local” identity through elements like scenery, background, color scheme, and logos is crucial for delivering an exceptional user experience. However, achieving this level of customization is often unattainable on most marketplaces. At Alpha Trend, we’ve pioneered a flexible framework that empowers our clients to integrate their unique themes, color palettes, and logos directly into their landing page website, ensuring a personalized and authentic connection with their target audience.

OKState landing page, developed by Alpha Trend

AI-enabled customer relationship management and business intelligence tool

Finally, Alpha Trend offers a comprehensive suite of back-office support products, including customer relationship management and a business intelligence platform to empower our clients with a deeper understanding of their customers. Through real-time monitoring of user traffic and transaction data, our analytics provide instant insights to help clients detect patterns and quickly address issues in sales, marketing traffic, and user acquisition. We present this data through easily visualizable and interpretable metrics, tables, and graphs, equipping brands and organizations with the agility and strategic insights needed to continually enhance their sales and marketing strategies while enabling quick decision-making.

Alpha Trend Portal with CRM and BI

About Alpha Trend

Alpha Trend’s mission is to make your Web3 transaction smooth, fast-paced, and profitable. Alpha Trend provides technology for an unparalleled e-commerce-like experience in Web3, enabling purchases with one-button clicks using debit or credit cards. Last month, we helped the OSU NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) program, Pokes with A Purchase, launch our first digital collection with advanced technologies. We are thrilled to help you start your Web3 journey.