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AlphaWallet starts Blockchain Tickets Experiment for 2018 World Cup

AlphaWallet today (May 25, 2018) officially announces that it will be testing a blockchain based ticketing solution with Shankai for the upcoming 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP and other events. This is the world’s first global sporting event ticket to use blockchain technology and one of the few blockchain based projects that is handling a real world legitimate use case.

AlphaWallet’s tickets solution partner -Shankai is a young, fast-moving sports marketing company. It is the preferred partner for event organisers managing larger scale international sports events in China and it has been striving to create more value for event organisers while providing consumers with greater convenience and service. For the upcoming World Cup in Russia, Shankai cooperates with AlphaWallet and adop the powerful blockchain technology. The tickets will be issued on the ethereum blockchain using ERC875, a unique token standard to handle real world use cases. Upon completion of the experiment, Shankai will share the results with industry partners, with the longer term vision to use blockchain technology to create a more regulated, free flowing and well rounded ticketing market. Customers who are interested in purchasing some directly can use the link below.

Purchase link: (Please find the purchase link in the table of the link)

Shankai smart contract address: 0xA66A3F08068174e8F005112A8b2c7A507a822335

For more information about blockchain tickets, please pay attention to the latest announcements from the official website of Shankai Sports.



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