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Alphr Investor Spotlight Series: GD10 Ventures

GD10 Ventures is focused on enabling the most innovative blockchain start-ups through to mass adoption. They accelerate growth through a combination of perceptive strategic advice, powerful growth marketing, and influential networking to smart capital.

Recently, Alphr got the opportunity to discuss the topics of mirror trading, DeFi predictions for 2021, challenges in crypto, investment advice and more. We are pleased to share some insights of the event with our community.

Here is the snippet of the Q&A session that transpired between Alphr and Dr Deeban Ratneswaran, CEO of GD10.Ventures.

Q. How do you see the importance of automated mirror trading (AMT) in the crypto space for crypto traders?

Automated crypto trading provides new users a gateway into intra-day trading, enabling them to diversify their trading portfolios. Furthermore, it permits users to circumvent the learning curve of active trading, where currently, 95% of traders fail to beat the market.

Q. What did you like about Alphr from the investors’ perspective?

There are several fundamental components that make Alphr exciting. A deflationary token-economic model, where 75% of transaction fees are used to market-buy and burn Alphr, while also rewarding holders with the other 25% as means of profit distribution. Cross-chain operability means investors can select their preferred network and control their gas costs while making the platform widely accessible. Both mean Alphr is an intrinsically valuable token, which, coupled to our belief that this will be widely adopted makes this an ideal portfolio add.

Q. Why should traders, investors, and people in general trust Alphr?

The community should be confident in the integrity of Alphr due to the litany of reputable strategic partners. This includes AU21, Paid Network and Master Ventures who have stringent screening and fail-safe processes. We have also been meticulous in our validation of the team members and product, despite anonymity, as evidenced by our portfolio.

Q. What is your advice towards new investors?

We recommend that new investors take the time to understand the fundamentals of internet security, risk management, and decentralized finance. By solidifying your foundational knowledge of these three key areas, new investors will have the basic knowledge and understanding to grow successfully and, more importantly, safely. Always diversify and never invest more than a few % of your portfolio into any one product.

Q. What does your fund look for in the new companies they invest in?

We look for projects that solve particular “pain points”, where life ‘with the product’ is enhanced and made easier, compared to ‘a life where the product does not exist’. That’s all that really matters, cryptography aside — we are ‘ideas people’ and like ideas that change lives and make the world more bearable. In this regard, Alphr delivers hugely, and we are delighted to be early supporters.

About Alphr.Finance

Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform that enables anyone to trade with the alpha of the most successful wallets in crypto. Alphr’s visualized and automated mirror trading technology simplifies the crypto trading experience; democratizing crypto investing.

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