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Alphr Investor Spotlight Series: Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is a private equity firm that is blockchain-centric and provides smart money to nascent crypto assets and digital currency related projects. This private firm has supported various blockchain projects through optimizing their deep networks and experience of the blockchain industry.

Recognizing the potential of Alphr as a decentralized social trading platform, Twin Apex Capital has made a strategic investment in our project. We are glad to share that we recently had the opportunity to have an interactive session with Twin Apex Capital and discuss their views on various topics surfacing in the blockchain industry. Below are some of the key highlights of this discussion:

Q. Why is automated mirror trading in the crypto space important?

The crypto industry can be a difficult market to navigate, with over 4000 cryptocurrencies, and expanding at an exponential rate. In a market that operates 24:7 with high variation days and volatility, trades are time sensitive and can be impossible to monitor for new adopters of crypto. Automated mirror trading provides insights to retail traders who don’t have the resources large crypto funds have, making crypto investing more accessible to the newest traders. Any retail trader could make the same trade as a huge hedge fund. Mirror trading will level out the playing field for the smaller investor, in turn promoting mass adoption.

Q. What did you like about Alphr from an investors’ perspective?

Alphr Finance offers the ability to imitate or study the trades of any wallet which we believe generates tremendous value for traders. The gas cost savings alone and well thought out tokenomics, creating a gateway for greater adoption makes us confident investors in Alphr Finance.

Q. Why should traders, investors, and people in general trust Alphr?

Alphr has a transparent approach when it comes to their communications. Prior to their launch Alphr announced changes to their tokenomics in favour of the investor. “75% of the fees generated by the protocol will now be distributed to token holders providing liquidity on Uniswap instead of burned. This is a form of remuneration in exchange for the service they are providing to the protocol (liquidity). This redistribution of protocol fees will be in addition to the $ALPHR tokens LPs will also receive”. Alphr are building a project with their investors and community at the heart, which reinforces our trust in Alphr.

Q. What is your advice towards new investors?

Security, security, security. Stay vigilant, keep your wallets safe and really do your research before investing in anything.

Q. What does your fund look for in the new companies they invest in?

At Twin Apex Capital, we not only vet the project and the tokenomics but also the mission of the people behind the project. We invest in projects we feel are real front runners with CEOs and teams who are real thought leaders in the space. Alphr are among these pioneering professionals. We have immense respect for this team and their vision and drive. Alphr’s mirror trading technology will bring real value to blockchain investors.

About Alphr

Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform that enables anyone to trade with the alpha of the most successful wallets in crypto. Alphr’s visualized and automated mirror trading technology simplifies the crypto trading experience; democratizing crypto investing.

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