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Alphr Weekly Report #11

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community,

Welcome to our eleventh Alphr Weekly report to keep you across all general topics, Swami thoughts and development.

Updates and official announcements you can read up on:

  • FAQs on Gitbook
  • Guided instruction on: how to manual mirror trade



The theme of the next few weeks’ updates are: we’re building.

We’re building Alphr to enable everyone to trade with the alpha of the most successful traders. We’re making fast progress but there is still a long way to go.

The profile page is now live, click on an address to see more in-depth data that allows you to make more informed decisions of which addresses you can copy. The balances shown here are currently only based on Uni V2 transactions. We have now begun scraping every transaction ever since the Ethereum genesis block. This will be complete in 3–4 days and you will see an update to the wallet profile page with more info and correct balance data. This will also enable us to efficiently integrate more platforms for mirror trading.

In addition to this there are several pages left to build that will provide a level of detailed data that allows traders to confidently and effectively use the Alphr platform.

We’re updating the mirror trade dialog this week to the below:

This will allow you see what price the wallet was swapped at and what the current price is, providing an added layer of insight.

In addition you will soon be able to click on any token from the above image and it will open the token page.

Each token will have its own ‘Token Page’ similar to CoinMarketCap. You’ll be able to see your holdings and the prices you bought at visually on a graph (if purchased on chain) and your current Profit/Loss on that token. You’ll also be able to swap directly from that page and see general token information, giving you all the insight you need to confidently trade.

Next up we’re developing the “Your Wallet” page:

This page will show all your stats, performance and token holdings, in addition to your followers and following.

On-chain visualisation and exploration, decentralized social trading, your wallet as your identity, and an on-chain social graph, are all new and expanding sectors that we’re very excited to be building in. What began with just automated mirror trading is becoming something much bigger, Automated Mirror Trading pools will just be a small feature of the Alphr we’re building. You may not know it yet but your wallet is your identity and we want your Alphr profile to be the primary representation of that.

All this to say, we’re on an exciting journey, farm and enjoy the APY whilst we get this thing out to the world…


Roadmap update: (1 sprint = 1 week) All of the below is subject to change and could take longer than anticipated.

Current version

  • Double asset farming
  • Follow addresses and see latest transactions in your feed
  • Manually mirror ANY address from Uniswap V2 (available by searching for the address)
  • New user profile UI
  • Current APY displayed on farming page
  • Ranking and advanced search of all addresses, find best performer for any token (available by searching for the token address)
  • Fee distribution to dual asset farmers (will commence once volume increases see Swami comments)

Next (this sprint)

  • Farming rewards history
  • Token page (each token will have its own page like CMC where you can see all information and trade it) (2 sprints)
  • Manually mirror ANY address from Uniswap V3 — (2 sprints)

Future (in order of priority, 1 sprint = 1 week)

  • Your wallet page
  • Automated mirror trading — (3 sprints of development remaining including testing+audits)
  • Protocol usage rewards — (2 sprints)
  • Sushiswap integration for manual mirror trading and AMT — (2 sprints)
  • BSC + Pancake swap integration — (3 sprints)

All official channels and accounts:



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