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Alphr Weekly Report #18

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community,

Welcome to our Eighteenth Alphr Weekly report to keep you across all general topics, Swami thoughts, communication, DAO, marketing, Alphr Astronauts and development.

Alphr Astronaut ambassadors

Our first 20 ambassadors have been selected! We are onboarding them this week in preparation for more marketing activity from next week 🎉

If you have not yet been contacted then you did not make it to the top 20. We are however growing our program beyond 20 and will be looking through those 450+ applicants further (so you may still have an opportunity to join the Astronauts!).

Please follow our Astronaut twitter account: @AlphrAstronauts


Discord has been updated, you will notice new channels for:

  • Live Alphr Twitter Feed: to keep all discord members up to date with daily tweets
  • Ideas and suggestions: for members to put forward any suggestions for Alphr regarding marketing, tech, DAO or community (note the Governance channel is where you can submit complete proposals to contribute towards Alphr)
  • Memes and art: a dedicated channel for all our creatives who wish to contribute towards Alphr meme and art content
  • Alphr Media kit: for anyone looking to create alphr content
  • Platform: hosting all mirror trading and product questions
  • Governance: hosting all DAO and proposal discussions
  • Protocol: hosting all protocol reward and usage discussions
  • New international channels: Arabic, Spanish, German and Dutch

We will be operating more heavily out of discord moving forward, for any Alphr telegram users please join our discord channel for a more immersive and up to date experience.


Alphrs DAO is now fully operational.

All live proposals can be found here.

Our two finalized proposals:

  1. Should we reduce the LP farming rewards?

Result: 92.94% voted Yes ✅

  1. Should we reduce the protocol usage rewards?

Result: 98.81% voted Yes ✅

Our current live proposal:

  • Expenses approval for Alphr to labs burn rate to increase to 100K per month

Result: TBC

For any DAO proposals you would like to put forward as a (Developer, marketer, community manager, management/opps or treasury) please use this form for submissions.

Build with us

Alphr this week has shared our ‘Build with us’ guide. You can read it here.

‘Build with us’ covers:

  • Alphr’s vision
  • DAO structure
  • DeFi thesis
  • Community first approach to building
  • Alphr Labs
  • Organizational structure

We are really proud of our vision and where we think Alphr fits in the DeFi world and look forward to more of our community and the broader crypto community building into that future with us.



We’ve had a busy week. You will have noticed our DAO is now set up, operating with token holders voting and our first three proposals being worked on.

We encourage all of you to read over our ‘build with us’ document which positions Alphr in the DeFi space, shares our vision, our core product features and DAO structure.

A big welcome to our new Alphr Astronauts we look forward to your support as we move into this next phase of promotion.

August is going to be our month!

Live Roadmap

Current version

  • Double asset farming
  • Follow addresses and see latest transactions in your feed
  • Manually mirror ANY address from Uniswap V2 (available by searching for the address)
  • New user profile UI
  • Current APY displayed on farming page
  • Ranking and advanced search of all addresses, find best performer for any token (available by searching for the token address)
  • Fee distribution to dual asset farmers (will commence once volume increases see Swami comments)
  • Farming rewards history

Newly added:

  • Token page (each token will have its own page like CMC where you can see all information and trade it) (2 sprints) (Being tested)
  • Manually mirror ANY address from Uniswap V3 — (2 sprints) (Being tested)

New Sprint:

  • Protocol usage rewards — (2 sprints)
  • Your wallet page

Future (in order of priority, 1 sprint = 1 week)

  • Automated mirror trading — (3 sprints of development remaining including testing+audits)
  • Sushiswap integration for manual mirror trading and AMT — (2 sprints)
  • BSC + Pancake swap integration — (3 sprints)

All official channels and accounts:



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