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Alphr Weekly Report #19

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community,

Welcome to our Nineteenth Alphr Weekly report to keep you across all general topics, Swami thoughts, communication, DAO, marketing, Alphr Astronauts and development.

Alphr Astronaut ambassadors

Our 20 ambassadors have been successfully onboarded 🎉

Please follow our Astronaut twitter account: @AlphrAstronauts


Our most recent proposal to increase Alphr labs burn rate and increase to 100K per month has been passed ✅

For a complete explanation of our DAO proposal process please visit our updated litepaper which details how you can put forward ideas and get approval from the community for official proposals.

Alphr this past week has shared our ‘Build with us’ guide. You can read it here.

Mutlisig transfers — Any transfers sent out of the multisig will be outlined here weekly:


Alphr’s website has been under redesign, we are looking forward to sharing with you a whole new look and feel in the next week.


A reminder that our discord has been updated, you can now interact with:

  • Live Alphr Twitter Feed: to keep all discord members up to date with daily tweets
  • Ideas and suggestions: for members to put forward any suggestions for Alphr regarding marketing, tech, DAO or community (note the Governance channel is where you can submit complete proposals to contribute towards Alphr)
  • Memes and art: a dedicated channel for all our creatives who wish to contribute towards Alphr meme and art content
  • Alphr Media kit: for anyone looking to create alphr content
  • Platform: hosting all mirror trading and product questions
  • Governance: hosting all DAO and proposal discussions
  • Protocol: hosting all protocol reward and usage discussions
  • Wallets: a space to discuss top performing and interesting wallets
  • New international channels: Arabic, Spanish, German and Dutch



We’re testing and fixing bugs for launch.

Live Roadmap

Current version

  • Double asset farming
  • Follow addresses and see latest transactions in your feed
  • Manually mirror ANY address from Uniswap V2 (available by searching for the address)
  • New user profile UI
  • Current APY displayed on farming page
  • Ranking and advanced search of all addresses, find best performer for any token (available by searching for the token address)
  • Fee distribution to dual asset farmers (will commence once volume increases see Swami comments)
  • Farming rewards history

Newly added:

  • Token page (each token will have its own page like CMC where you can see all information and trade it) (2 sprints) (Being tested)
  • Manually mirror ANY address from Uniswap V3 — (2 sprints) (Being tested)

New Sprint:

  • Protocol usage rewards — (2 sprints)
  • Your wallet page

Future (in order of priority, 1 sprint = 1 week)

  • Automated mirror trading — (3 sprints of development remaining including testing+audits)
  • Sushiswap integration for manual mirror trading and AMT — (2 sprints)
  • BSC + Pancake swap integration — (3 sprints)

All official channels and accounts:



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