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Alphr Weekly Report #21

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community,

Welcome to our twenty first Alphr Weekly report keeping you updated across all general topics, Swami thoughts, DAO, marketing, Alphr Astronauts and development.


Meme competition

There are only 4 more days left of the Meme competition!
Thank you to all the participants sharing their memes to our discord channel and on twitter.

Don’t forget there is $1000 worth of $alphr tokens up for grabs.

To share your memes visit Alphrs discord meme channel:

When sharing on social media, make sure you tag Alphr @alphrfinance.

See our MEME content post for more details and requirements:

Education videos

This week we will be launching a series of education videos (one a week) on some of the basic user experiences of our platform to help users complete tasks like:

  • Connect your wallet
  • Farm your Alphr and Eth
  • Find the best performing wallets
  • Complete a manual copy trade

Starting off with: how to connect your wallet.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to reach out to @Marketingchela and let her know what you’d like some guidance around.


We are excited to share Alphrs platform with the community in our upcoming AMA this week. BSC talks is another trading group who we will be hosting an AMA with next Wednesday.

New Ambassadors

As we enter a new month we will look to onboard 30 new Alphr Astronaut Ambassadors to our already growing team!

For those interested please fill out our new application form.

Monthly payment is $200USD/$50 per week of work paid in $alphr at the end of the month.


Mutlisig transfers — Any transfers sent out of the multisig will be outlined here weekly:


AMT (Automated mirror trading) will be live in September then our full focus will be on user acquisition and marketing. Tomorrow I’ll be releasing an article about AMT and putting forward a few votes regarding fee structure etc. We’re making great progress, but the product needs to be ready before heavy marketing.

All official channels and accounts:



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