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Alphr Weekly Report #22

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community,

Welcome to our twenty second Alphr Weekly report keeping you updated across all general topics, Swami thoughts, DAO, marketing, Alphr Astronauts and development.


Meme competition

Thank you to all the entries for the came in for the Alphr #EPED meme competition.

We had an overwhelming number of submissions and are still going through them all on twitter and in discord. Thank you all for your patience. The winner will be announced EOD today.


Thank you to BSC talks and for hosting AMA’s with us this last week. We look forward to sharing their transcriptions with you.

Alphr Ambassadors

Beginning of August we onboarded 20 creative, exciting and amazing ambassadors. Our Alphr Astronauts have not been sitting still in the last weeks and shared all the relevant updates, self created content and positive vibes on various channels. One ambassador even organised local events to present Alphr in new local communities. See how Brian shines while presenting Alphr:: Other ambassadors created their own content to explain to their audience everything about Alphr, like Musa with this Medium article:

As team we are extremely proud of the achievement of our Alphr Astronauts so far and we have only just started. That been said we are looking into increasing the amount of ambassadors. If you sign up now, you might be selected, have the opportunity to share the Alphr brand and earn some $ALPHR on the go. Click here for the sign-up form and sign up now!

We will be announcing the new ambassadors next week and closing applications this Friday.

Remember: monthly payment is $200USD/$50 per week of work paid in $alphr at the end of the month.


Mutlisig transfers — Any transfers sent out of the multisig will be outlined here weekly:

  • 105,263.15 monthly burn:

  • 10,000 Paid Ignition Distribution For August

  • 0.5 Eth for LP Farming & Protocol Rewards Distribution



2 important pieces of information this week:

  1. Firstly AMT is nearly ready we need to vote on changes to fees please read and vote on the below.

2. ETH fees are eating into the APY on double asset farming. Therefore we will be changing farming rewards to being distributed once per week, instead of daily. They still accrue daily in real time but will be paid out weekly until the gas situation resolves or we find a better long term solution, once we’ve shipped AMT.

All official channels and accounts:



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