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Alphr Weekly Report #25

Hello 🖐 Alphr Community,

Welcome to our twenty-fifth and final Alphr weekly report keeping you updated across all general topics, Swami thoughts, DAO, marketing, token distribution and development.

We are getting very close to the launch of AMT!!!


Layer 3

We are excited to share that we are partnering with a new crypto growth marketing platform: Layer 3 to roll out a six week long campaign promoting Alphr with their community of 80K members. These members will complete impression based tasks to earn Alphr and provide us with as much exposure as possible while we launch AMT.

Token distribution

Please read this important information on token distribution post DAO hack:

85% of the private sale is now distributed making most of the token inflation other than LP rewards now out of the way. The Litepaper will be updated this week to reflect all of the votes that have passed recently to reduce inflation.

Here is a summary of the updated tokenomics following recent votes:

Total supply : 10m ALPHR

  • 15% Seed, Private & IDO — 1,500,000 ALPHR (6 & 12 Month vesting)
  • 10% LP rewards — 1,000,000 ALPHR (12 Month release)
  • 20% Team — 2,000,000 ALPHR (24 Month vesting)
  • 45% Community Development Fund/DAO Treasury — 4,500,000 ALPHR (48 Month Vesting)
  • 10% Protocol Users (wallets being mirrored) — 1,000,000 ALPHR



  • A successful vote was passed to remove manual mirror trading
  • With a new live proposal to re-allocate manual mirror trading rewards to AMT closing 29th September at 5PM PST. Vote here now.


Mutlisig transfers — Any transfers sent out of the multisig will be outlined here weekly:

  • 422,622 Alphr, distributed for DAO maker private and seed as well as paid ignition

  • 54,581 Weekly protocol usage rewards and farming



This is our last weekly update in this format as we are now ready to launch Automated Mirror Trading. Instead of weekly updates, there will be a weekly article that will launch one new wallet and Automated Mirror Pool per week. The article will outline why we have chosen the wallet for an Automated Pool and underline its performance history, including comments from our quant team.

The focus now will be growing AUM and onboarding new users to our revolutionary Automated Mirror Pools.

So from here on in, 1 new Automated Mirror Pool per week on Ethereum, followed by integrations with Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and BSC. ✌🏽

All official channels and accounts:



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