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How Alphr is Pioneering an Industry First Double Asset Farming Mechanism

As you may already know, Alphr gives users a way to leverage the expertise and insights of some of the best performing DEX traders through its mirror trading platform — allowing anybody to put their idle capital to work using some of the most successful strategies around.

With our solution, users will be able to easily mirror the trades of accomplished traders, while cutting down their gas costs to the bare minimum thanks to Alphr’s pooled trading capabilities. This gives individuals the power to leverage the insights and success of the experts using their publicly available on-chain data — a capability that was previously only available to institutional traders with powerful blockchain analytics tools.

Accomplished traders don’t even need to register for the platform… Their wallet will automatically be tracked by our on-chain analysis tech, but they’ll automatically accrue Alphr rewards when users copy their trades, which can be claimed at any time if they choose to create an account and verify their address.

But what you might not know, is that Alphr is also pioneering a novel reward distribution system that seeks to maximize liquidity of the ALPHR token and reward holders by providing a strong incentive for liquidity providers (LPs).

In total, Alphr will distribute 75% of all the fees generated by the platform to Uniswap V3 LPs in ether (ETH). Users will receive their fraction of the rewards in proportion to their fraction of their contribution to the Uniswap V3 ALPHR-ETH pool — e.g. if you contribute 10% of the liquidity, you’ll get 10% of the rewards.

The remaining 25% of fees will be directed to the community development fund, which will be governed by ALPHR holders through on-chain voting.

Given that we expect the platform to capture a sizeable chunk of daily DEX trading volume, the rewards distributed each month to LPs could be substantial.

See the table below for a rough projection of these rewards based on estimated DEX market capture.

Rewards are calculated by block and are distributed daily.

But that’s not all. Users will also be able to stake their ALPHR-ETH LP tokens and earn additional ALPHR from our upcoming yield farm. With the Alphr trading platform set to launch June 1st you won’t have long to wait! Here’s what you need to know about the LP rewards program:

  • Start date: 1st June, 2021
  • Distribution schedule: Rewards automatically distributed daily to your address
  • Rewards allocation: 125,000 ALPHR in month 1, reducing by 5,000 ALPHR linearly per month for 12 months.
  • Expected APY: The APY is flexible and depends on the number of participants. The current APY will be displayed on site.
  • Minimum stake: None.

Not to mention the returns generated from Uniswap trading fees.

This positions Alphr as the first platform to directly incentivize LPs in ETH, helping to produce a truly productive DeFi asset. Are you ready for Alphr?

Want to quickly catch up with our latest updates? Check out our weekly reports or join the community.

About Alphr

Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform that looks to democratize access to the most advanced and successful trading strategies by allowing users to easily mirror the DEX trades of the most profitable crypto wallets.

Alphr’s visual trading interface allows users to easily select a mirror to automatically copy their trades based on their risk score, historical performance, and activity; helping to bring expert-level results to everyday investors — providing the path to true Alpha.

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