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How to get on the EPED diet?

You will be sent ETH payouts every day (ΞPED) for staking the ETH/ALPHR pair.

In addition to ΞPED, farmers are rewarded 0.03% of fees on Uniswap and additional rewards in the form of the Alphr native token $ALPHR.

The EPED diet also known as Farming/staking on Alphr has three key steps:

Part 1: Adding liquidity to Uniswap

Part 2: Taking LP tokens and staking them on Alphrs site (

Part 3: Get Eth and Alphr Payouts Every Day. ΞPED Eat good for a lifetime.

What you need before you start:

  1. Hold Ethereum in an ERC20 wallet (Metamask, Fortmatic, Coinbase wallet, wallet connect, Portis). Note you will need Ethereum for both farming and to cover gas fees.
  2. Hold $Alphr tokens.
  3. Keep Alphr’s token address ready: 0xaa99199d1e9644b588796F3215089878440D58e0
  4. Use desktop instead of mobile for the first version of Alphr farming

Part 1: Adding liquidity to Uniswap

When adding liquidity to Alphr on Uniswap you create an NFT. This NFT holds the value of both staked Eth and Alphr tokens.

Step 1: Visit Alphrs Uniswap Liquidity pool link

*There will be pre formulated information for our liquidity pool there as shown below

Step 2: Wallet Connection

Make sure to connect your wallet in the far right hand corner.

You will need an ERC20 wallet (Metamask, Fortmatic, Coinbase wallet, wallet connect, Portis) with Ethereum and Alphr held on it.

Step 3: Input data

Select your set price range. For more information on how to do this and what you should consider, read Uniswaps blog on V3 and adding liquidity:

Ensure your ‘deposit amounts’ are input.

Click Approve Alphr — this transaction will turn into an NFT that will be saved in your ERC20 wallet which you can then stake on the Alphr site.

Part 2: Take NFT LP token and stake on Alphr site

Your NFT token will now be stored in your ERC20 wallet.

When you connect your wallet to the Alphr platform you will automatically see your NFT as ‘Available to Stake’.

Click on the ‘Stake’ button to initiate double asset farming.

*Note: you can click the ‘Unstake’ button whenever you would like to cease staking.

Part 3: Receive double asset farming rewards

You will receive your rewards daily for farming Alphr/Eth.

They will be sent to you wallet address and show up in the ‘Earned’ wallet section below:

*Note: rewards will be made claimable in future sprints.

Once your rewards start to be distributed they will show in your wallet under ‘Earned’ as per below:

Extra Farming FAQ’s:

How much do I stake? Does my Alphr and Ethereum amounts need to be the same value?

Entirely up to you how much you would like to stake.

Part of the beauty of V3 Uniswap is that it gives you price bands to choose from and adjust automatically, making your capital more efficient.

When staking both Alphr and Ethereum the Uniswap platform will ask you to input an amount of either Alphr or Ethereum that you have available and it will then match the input to that price influenced by your set price band.

E.g. if you input $416 Alphr the Uniswap platform will determine what the live equivalent in Ethereum is and populate that for you based on what price range you chose.

For further information on this please read Uniswaps blog on their V3 product:

Do I need both Alphr and Ethereum to participate in farming?

Yes you do.

To start the process of providing liquidity on Uniswap for Alphr you will also need available Ethereum to pair with Alphr.

How can I work out my return for staking?

From next week Alphr will have this figure shown in the UI. Until this is available you can calculate it after you receive your distribution each day.

What wallets work to connect with?

Metamask and Wallet connect.

What if the price moves out of my price range for Alphr farming will I stop accruing rewards- do I need to pull my liquidity and reapply with new ranges?

No, we use POP (power of position) to calculate rewards, ie how much is your liquidity worth in real time at each block. This calculation and associated code will be made public soon. If you’re out of the band or not doesn’t matter, just how much liquidity are you providing in USD.

If I remove my liquidity then provide it again with a different range and then re-stake my new LP tokens. Will I still receive rewards for the blocks where I had tokens staked and liquidity provided? or do I have to have LP tokens staked for a complete 24 hour period?

You will receive rewards for every block that your LP nft is staked. So for example whoever staked first today will likely have an insane APY, because they’re calculated on a per block basis (no other participants at that time). 125,000 Alphr for the first 30 days divided equally amongst the blocks in those 30 days

Can I see the staking contract?

Is everyone paid rewards at the same time or is it 24 hours from when you start farming Alphr and Eth?

Rewards will be distributed to users around the same time each day.

Why am I receiving Alphr rewards but not Eth rewards?

Ethereum payments will start to be distributed as soon as manual trading begins. Ethereum rewards are generated from protocol fees.

Are there any contract audits we can see for the double asset farming?

Yes you can view it in our Gitbook, it is contract number two audited by Hacken:

How is the APY calculated?

You can view the current live APY on our site now that the latest UI updates have been made. This can be found in the ‘Alphr token’ section of the site.

APY is determined by:

- The amount of ALPHR you are staking

- The amount of liquidity being staked by others

APY is not calculated on the total holdings you have rather the amount you have staked.

The more farmers staking their ALPHR and ETH tokens, the lower the APY% will be.

APY calculation:

((Daily reward allocation/Total Alphr Staked)*365)*100)

Note: The APY figure shown is the return if you stake 1:1. Uniswap V3 allows us to see the price band for variations of less and more than 1:1. If you stake with less ETH and more ALPHR you will receive less than the advertised APY.

As Ethereum rewards are paid out from mirror trading transaction fees these ETH payments for double asset farming will not begin until there is a level of volume that supports payments to be made (likely a few weeks, when we have token pages live).

You are now fully prepared for the EPED Diet

Start double asset farming ETH/ALPHR on Uniswap and claim your rewards with your LP token!

ETH Payouts Every Day will soon be coming your way.

May the EPED Diet fill your belly with the best APY in its class.

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