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MEME CONTEST: Alphr #EPED release

Are you a MEME fan like we are at Alphr Finance? We decided to throw an EPED MEME competition! Show your MEME skills and enter to win up to $400 in ALPHR tokens!

What are the rules/requirements?

1) The meme should not contain any links

2) No NSFW memes. No discrimination.

3) Alphr Finance will not be responsible for any copyright infringement

4) MEMEs can be submitted between 27th August and 3th September

How to submit your MEME?

1️⃣ Tweet your MEME with ‘#EPED $alphr #eth #AlphrAstronauts #meme’

2️⃣ Like and retweet the contest announcement tweet
3️⃣ Tag three of your crypto friends
4️⃣ Submit your MEME in our #meme channel on Discord:

The Alphr Astronauts team will validate all submissions and judge the memes. The four winners will be announced on 6th September 2021.


  1. $400 in ALPHR tokens
  2. $300 in ALPHR tokens
  3. $200 in ALPHR tokens
  4. $100 in ALPHR tokens

On top of the Alphr tokens you will receive:

  • Discord ‘MEME king’ level to shine in our Discord channel
  • Forever EPED MEME FAME! A title you want to claim, right?!

All official channels and accounts:



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