Weekly Roundup Oct. 16th 2017

All fresh stories about integrations and events around SaaS.

#Alpin Blog:SaaS Asset Management: The Next Evolution of Software Asset Management

Mark wrote about a few use cases around Software Asset Management and what it means with the transition to SaaS.

Salesforce: Introducing Our 54th Release: Winter ’18 is Here!

Big release for the latest version of Salesforce, which is available to all customers.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Compliance

Andy Lientz, from Smarthseeth is sharing about GDPR and in his personal experience in “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Compliance”

7 ways admins can help secure accounts against phishing in G SuiteDocuSign and Box worked together to provide SSO

Here are seven things we recommend admins do in G Suite to better protect employee data.

Box using Azure: accelerating digital transformation with Microsoft

Box and Microsoft are expanding their partnership and will jointly offer Box cloud content management using Microsoft Azure services.

A quick win for CIOs in financial transformation

A few tips from the Concur team for CIOs

How to give your team the financial visibility it needs

When trying to complete annual reports before year-end, unexpected costs can lead to unnecessary time spent reconciling these issues.

We read 100 data breach notifications to make this guide (which we hope you’ll never need)

Atlassian released a article about data breaches. A very timely subject.

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