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Then, here are the fresh stories about product updates, security and governance around your favorite SaaS.

Product updates

Asana for Gmail: The best of both worlds

Asana updates their Gmail Add-on and it’s now available on the G Suite Marketplace. With this add-on, you can turn your emails with clients, customers, and teammates into actionable tasks that are tracked in Asana — without leaving your inbox.

Update to Asana’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Subscriber Terms

They also updated their terms and services. One special mention about the subscriber agreement paragraph when they clarified seat counting and billing requirements.

Making Google prompt the primary choice for 2-Step Verification

Google now proposes Google Prompt as their primary 2 step verification method. We thought it would be good to also share with you a few links about 2 step and how to activate and enforce them in G Suite.

Time for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar for web

Google also recently released the new version of Google Calendar…and we love it. Of course it’s heavily Material Design based and it seems pretty stable without dismissing any feature.

Screen sharing in Slack, made interactive

Working with teammates in Slack, wherever they are, started with messaging. Then came voice and video calls, followed by screen sharing. And now, screen sharing from a Slack call has gone interactive: You can invite others to write, code, design — or whatever working together means to you — all directly from your shared screen.

Looking for New Collaboration Tools? Start by Asking Your Users

Smartsheet emphasizes that the stamp of IT approval shouldn’t be given until each collaboration tool has gone through a proper vetting process and proposes four important areas to evaluate in this process: Security, integration, support requirements, and potential for global adoption.

Security & Governance

The human side to scaling Jira software: governance, change control, and more

Atlassian proposes 8 best practices when scaling your team using Jira, not only on the technical side but also on the human side.

A few tips from Concur to fight fraud

There is an app for just about anything, from transportation to hotel to banking and everything in between. The use of all these apps also leads to increased errors and opens up the opportunity for dishonest claims.

Take control of app usage by explicitly stating which apps employees can and cannot use. Ensure that any approved apps allow for easy tracking and transparency and update your expense policy with instructions on acceptable use and reimbursement process.

6 Kinds of Tools You Need In Your Security Stack

Here are some tools that can help you perform effective security monitoring in a cloud-based or containerized environment.

Privacy Shield & GDPR

Understanding your data

Dropbox is sharing two very interesting articles about GDPR related to data and suppliers.

How Legal and IT Teams Can Work Together to Achieve GDPR Compliance

A quick high-level overview from Okta to best prepare to GDRP requirements.

European Commission Affirms Privacy Shield Protects Personal Data Transferred to U.S.

The European Commission has just published its first annual report on the operation of the EU-U.S and Workday is sharing some thoughts on what has already been done and what is ahead.



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