CCAI is Making Smart Trading Simultaneously Easy and Intelligent

Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance solutions have always been grounded in the goal of democratizing economic opportunity. Until fairly recently, however, most crypto exchanges have deterred the average user due to clunky interfaces, overly complicated features, or a general lack of transparency and trustworthiness. The exchanges that work well for newbies are usually too simplistic and have high fees, while those that are favored by professional traders often feel daunting and unapproachable to the new kids on the block. (CCAI) is melding those two worlds by offering an exchange that accommodates both newcomers and highly technical traders alike. By combining easy-to-implement smart trading automation with an open API library for algorithmic traders, CCAI is democratizing advanced trading while maintaining a highly intelligent crypto-exchange ecosystem. The end result is both a DEX (now available) and CEX (upcoming) that can help veterans and amateurs grow their wealth all within the same platform.

Notable Features

Smart Trading

One of the most exciting features of CCAI’s exchange is its Smart Trading (or Smart Order) automation. Most exchanges offer some form of automation that’s typically delivered in a piecemeal format which still requires constant monitoring. This creates unwieldy day-trading scenarios that are overwhelming and incredibly time-consuming, even for the avid trader.

With CCAI’s Smart Trading, any user can simply set “entry point”, “stop-loss”, and “take profit” parameters and then let the automation run its course. CCAI’s algorithms will then calculate and recalculate trends in real-time to execute orders at the precise moments that you’ve mapped out. This mitigates any losses and lets you go about your day-to-day life without the headache of constantly monitoring your screens.

API Management

While CCAI’s automation is great for users of all experience levels, their API feature gives highly technical traders a chance to contribute and enjoy enhancements to their own trading algorithms. Algorithmic traders can connect to CCAI’s API library and optimize their trading methodology by working with the pre-established smart trading features on the exchange. Essentially, developers can utilize this open API library to form building blocks for their custom trading algorithms. This relationship helps CCAI create better features for all users while allowing algo-traders an easy way to optimize their current solutions.

Significant Actors

The Co-Founder and CEO of CCAI, Hisham Khan, is a former product manager at Bloomberg L.P. His goal is to address and alleviate as many of the current issues within the crypto trading industry as possible. Unlike many CEOs of his caliber, Khan is “personally available” in the CCAI community channels and openly accepts comments, challenges, and any questions surrounding this highly promising cryptocurrency platform.

In addition to its impressive internal team, CCAI has the backing of some major players in the crypto and digital finance realm. They recently raised $8 million in capital from Alameda Research, Alphabit, Protocol Ventures, and Rarestone Capital while partnering with Binance as a broker for liquidity.

“The industry all too often accepts frustratingly poor user experience and fragmentation as both crypto natives and newcomers are forced to use a variety of different tools to optimize their trading strategies. We’re changing that by bringing everything into one place.” — Hisham Khan

One of the biggest balancing acts that all technologically advanced platforms have to play involves deciding how to provide truly intelligent features without overwhelming the user. How can we take complex mechanisms and make them readily available without making them feel inaccessible? How can we win over the advanced user and those new to the trading world at the same time? CCAI is accomplishing this feat by providing a cryptocurrency exchange that’s both easy-to-use and loaded with customizable complexity.

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