I Want To Grow Like You — How FNDZ is Bringing DeFi Copy Trading to New Heights

Mimicry is the Ultimate Form of Fl̵a̵t̵t̵e̵r̵y̵ Investment Strategy

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is by no means a new invention. Although, the rise of social media and the growth of eTrading platforms (particularly those in the crypto world) have created a relatively recent explosion of activity in this sector. The concept is fairly simple and makes perfect sense for most amateur investors.

Social vs Copy Trading — Betting On the Investor

Some in the DeFi community attempt to make a distinction between social trading and copy trading. The former is often pointed to as a broader term that encompasses anyone receiving trading ideas from another person via social platforms. The latter is used more for explicit copying of an individual’s position(s) based on past performance. This distinction is useful when we’re talking about platforms that actually offer this type of information or these specific investment services.

Not Just a Copy & Paste Enterprise — Issues with Current Copy Trading Platforms

On its surface, copy trading probably seems like an absolute no-brainer. Why wouldn’t I want to simply copy experienced traders and generate the same returns that they do? Well, up until the relatively recent explosion of DeFi, the average trader’s ability to take part in automated copy trading has been stymied by the exploitative and intentionally convoluted systems that are commonplace in the realm of centralized finance.

The Worlds Best DeFi Social Trading Platform — FNDZ

FNDZ is a DeFi copy/social trading platform that’s designed to address all of the problems of the current market while providing some additional exciting features to promote community, growth, and adoption. The primary selling points of FNDZ are its completely transparent fee structure, the ability to retain total control of your assets, the use of smart contracts to reduce the risk of exploitation, and its easy-to-use, readily accessible platform interface.

Total Transparency

Like many platforms in the DeFi space, FNDZ works with blockchain verification to provide total transparency of fees and trades. All profits and losses (PNL) are Onchain verified for every featured trader, meaning that the average user can rely on 100% true and transparent performance data to determine which investors they’d like to copy. This focus on transparency is mirrored in the FNDZ fee structure, which essentially equates to a performance fee of 2% incurred by the “copier” taken from the purse of successful traders, a management fee that’s shared between the FNDZ platform and the individual traders, and a redemption fee that’s incurred once funds are pulled from the trading vault.

Complete Control

Another tactic FNDZ is using to promote the adoption of their platform is total control over your assets. Unlike many centralized ecosystems, FNDZ enables each user to retain complete control over the assets that they deposit into the vault. There are no holding requirements or withdrawal maximums and all traders can access and withdraw their funds at any moment using a unique wallet ID.

Intelligent Design

Lastly, FNDZ is utilizing smart contracts (with audits) and a user-friendly interface to ensure its platform is designed for traders of all experience levels while also maintaining secure & transparent exchanges. The smart contracts significantly reduce the exposure to third-party exploitation and essentially enable traders to exchange without the risks that many centralized platforms encounter. The easy-to-use interface and uncomplicated setup ensure that amateur and veteran traders alike can feel safe and secure while they enter the incredibly lucrative world of copy trading.

More Exciting Features

On top of the standard, yet DeFi optimized feature-set that FNDZ is offering, they’re also including a few fun and exciting elements within their ecosystem. These include weekly trading challenges, a trading leaderboard, internal advertising options, and a potentially very profitable referral system.

“Let’s Get Rich Together”

FNDZ is committed to creating an easy-to-use interface and an intentionally simplified toolset so investors of all types can easily access and engage with its platform without being bogged down by onboarding & confusing financial rhetoric. The goals are to help professional traders monetize their ability to create succesful investment strategies while also allowing the average trader to place their faith in the pros “while kicking back on auto-pilot.” Leveraging state-of-the-art DeFi solutions and combining them with the popular investment strategy of copy trading, FNDZ is democratizing the ability for professional investors to tell their retail followers “let’s get rich together”.



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