Introducing JAG — The Helium Hotspot Provider Helping to Build the Future of Network Infrastructure

Earn Crypto for Being A Part of Helium’s Decentralized Network Revolution with JAG

If you haven’t already heard, the future of telecommunications is wireless, decentralized, and open-source. Currently, the majority of the internet we all take part in functions on outdated infrastructure and is largely controlled by a few bloated and monopolistic conglomerates. Helium is a blockchain-based wireless network company that’s rapidly encroaching on the archaic telecom systems that we had all come to accept as inescapable.

In the same way that Bitcoin spawned a move toward the decentralization of our financial systems, Helium is using blockchain technology to give the power of network infrastructure to the masses. With over 160k active hotspots as of September 2021 and nearly a million more on back-order, the Helium network is rapidly expanding to become the global dominator in decentralized wireless communication. The only caveat is that Helium’s explosive growth has required them to partner with third-party hotspot vendors in order to feasibly build their network within such a remarkably short span of time. And that’s where JAG enters the equation.

JAG is a Helium Hotspot provider that takes care of everything for the end-user including device procurement, registration, and installation. They work with a Helium-approved third-party manufacturer to provide and install hotspots to their customers completely free of charge. Rather than deal with installation fees or upfront costs, JAG essentially “leases” space from the host (you) and then takes a commission via the HNT (Helium Token) that each hotspot earns.

How Helium is Incentivizing Infrastructure Installation

Before we learn more about the benefits that JAG offers, let’s take a step back and look at Helium’s ingenious incentivization plan. Basically, each active Helium Hotspot is a part of their LongFi network which combines the power of LoRaWAN and blockchain. Relying on a proof-of-coverage protocol, the Helium network pays out HNT whenever a hotspot’s signal is utilized. There are a few different ways that this can happen, but the basic gist is that hotspot owners are paid in HNT in exchange for lending their device’s radio waves to the security and functionality of the network.

Is it WiFI? Is it 5G? What Kind of Network Are We Looking At?

Helium’s LoRaWAN or LPWAN is a low-powered wide-area network that is specifically designed for device communication across long ranges with low bit rates. While there are countless potential use-cases for this type of wireless network, the current focus is on IoT systems that require secure and stable communication across wide geographical areas. Speaking about their forthcoming IoT program, the Senior Application Architect at Salesforce, Jay Langhurst, stated that “Helium provides the right mix of low power, high security, and robust coverage in urban locations that we’ll need to grow this program further.” In its current state, the network is the ultimate blockchain-based communications solution for IoT systems.

So How Does a Helium Hotspot Earn HNT?

Example Hotspot Status on

Hotspots are randomly assigned Proof-of-Coverage tests which ensure that the network is active and secure. If the device passes this test (performed automatically), then it is rewarded via “mined” HNT. On top of that, each hotspot transfers device data from one to the next whenever applicable. Each transference of data is rewarded with more HNT.

There are a number of factors that can influence the scale of HNT payouts that an individual Helium Hotspot will earn on the network. Area saturation, device type, quality of installation, and surrounding network activity will all factor into the amount of HNT that gets rewarded. For the average person, procuring and properly configuring a Helium hotspot to actually earn money can seem like a fairly large undertaking. Fortunately, third-party vendors like JAG can alleviate that stress and help you start earning HNT without any hassle or risk.

Why JAG is Positioned as the Premiere Helium Hotspot Provider

No Risk, All Reward

JAG has entered this ecosystem as an extremely easy, accessible, and low-effort way to passively earn HNT on a monthly basis. They don’t require any upfront deposits or installation payments, and you don’t even need to purchase the actual hotspot. There’s also no cancellation or long-term commitments. If you ever decide that you’re done with the device you can easily arrange to have it returned.

Professional Installation & Configuration

As we mentioned above, there are numerous factors that can impact how much HNT your hotspot will earn. Some of the most crucial involve device type, configuration, and installation. The hotspots essentially function as radio antennas that require clear lines of sight to communicate with other nodes in the network. Of course, you could try your hand at finding and purchasing the best type of hotspot, properly registering it within the network, and installing it at the optimal location within your building. However, JAG is offering to do all of those things entirely for free and with no long-term commitments.

Reliable Procurement

One of the biggest hurdles facing Helium’s network implementation is the current lack of available hotspot devices. Most of the third-party vendors are back-ordered for months due to the overwhelming demand. Fortunately, JAG has a steady flow of inventory and ships hotspots regularly. When you register with JAG and are approved for hotspot installation, you can depend on their ability to procure you a powerful and pre-configured HNT-earning device without the extended waitlist periods.

A Robust Support System

With thousands of registered hotspots and professional installers across the globe, JAG is swiftly building a support network that spans well beyond what Helium and other third-party vendors can offer. There’s a certain amount of knowledge that can only come from performing a wide variety of installations in an even wider variety of building structures, cities, and network regions. Since they managed to be one of the first large-scale Helium vendors on the market, JAG has a leg up on understanding the ever-evolving tactics for ensuring each hotspot reaches its maximum reward potential.

Convenient Monthly Payouts

As of writing this post, the price of 1 HNT is equivalent to $20.28 USD. That’s a 50% increase in the last 3 months! Still, converting HNT to USD when you’re ready to cash out might feel like a hassle to you. Fortunately, JAG offers its customers the ability to get paid in Helium as well as USD, BTC, or ETH. They’ll simply convert the HNT earned by your hotspot into whichever currency you prefer at whatever the current market rate is at the time of your monthly payout.

While not necessary, to be paid directly in HNT you’ll want to have Binance, Binance U.S.,, Kucoin, FTX or FTX U.S. account.

Passively Earn Crypto with No Risk and Take Part in the Future of Telecommunication Technology

Helium is revolutionizing the way we think about wireless network communication and they’re understandably making traditional telecom companies tremble with fear. This type of infrastructure installation would take enormous amounts of money and resources to achieve in a centralized system. Helium has managed to prove the legitimacy of crypto-incentivization by rapidly growing its decentralized network using HNT payouts as a stimulus. Their current LongFi-optimized network is simply a stepping stone for the future implementation of 5G and even further-reaching communication technologies.

While Helium hotspots are technically “available” to anyone who is interested, the current hurdles with procurement, registration, configuration, installation, and management are all enough to turn a “passive-earner” into a full-time job. With JAG, you can easily enter this new and exciting community without any risks, hassles, or upfront costs. You probably won’t earn millions of HNT, but it could definitely be a life-changing amount of purely passive income.

Whether you’re a franchisee, an AirBnB entrepreneur, or simply want to place a hotspot in your home or office, you can start earning HNT entirely for free by registering with JAG here.



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