Space Falcon — the Next Axie Infinity, Star Atlas Play-to-Earn Game Built on Solana

Space Falcon [$FCON] is a Web3GL Play-to-Earn Intergalactic Metaverse game. Wow! That was a mouthful. Simply, Space Falcon is a game that is played on any updated web browser which rewards you for playing instead of charging you for the game. The newest Safari, Chrome and Edge browsers are all powerful enough to present Hollywood worthy graphics with the game being structured in a decentralized manner — rewarding you for participation. The game blends two journeys; 80’s retro gameplay — think a level up from Atari Space Invaders and a 2080 futuristic galactic exploration adventure. The Retro component is a Classic Space Shooter Game whereas the futuristic metaverse revolves around building an empire by completing levels and collecting Sci-Fi NFTs, while gliding through various galaxies.

What can players do inside the Space Falcon’s metaverse?

  • Explore Galaxies
  • Build Settlements
  • Colonize (Purchase) Galaxies, Planets & other Extraterrestrial Assets
  • Trade intergalactic assets within an In-game marketplace
  • Sell your NFT Merchandise
  • Interact, communicate and make friends within a Virtual setting

How to use the $FCON token

There are two main functions of holding the FCON token:

  • Influence in-game platform Governance
  • Staking to Earn FGOLD

By holding FCON players will be able to propose:

  • New game features,
  • game modes,
  • expansions,
  • and more…

What exchange can you buy Space Falcon Token [FCON] pn?

How to earn Space Falcon [FGOLD]?

  • By staking $FCON to players will earn $FGOLD.

What is $FGOLD?

$FGOLD acts as in game currency in order to purchase NFTs and activate elements within the Space Falcon metaverse. The in-game transactions within the metaverse will only happen in $FGOLD, including:

  • purchasing extraterrestrial land,
  • imposing in-game duties on competitive players,
  • charging for passage tolls,
  • etc...

$FGOLD is only be available and useable within the Space Falcon metaverse and will not be tradable or listed on any external secondary market. This should encourage players of the game to hold and stake their $FCON over the long term, giving the crypto currency stability and value. Additional uses $FGOLD from the above listed will be:

  • to redeem rare NFTs
  • in the future, to obtain even more $FCON

What Play-to Earn Rewards can be Earned with the Space Falcon Game?

Time Rewards

  • Incentive to play
  • Refer for rewards
  • multiplayer lobby creation
  • in-game explore party


  • Top ranking players receive bonus tokens

Reward at Stages

  • $FCON will be used for top players who reach high levels

All-in-all with its two-pronged approach, Space Falcon has the potential for broad appeal attracting a high level of engagement from its players. Due to the Solana Network’s friendly user engagement fees, Space Falcon’s WebGL approach, dynamic in-game NFTs and literally the seemingly endless opportunities in space, this game has potential to be larger than what has yet to be imagined.

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