The Most Portable Way to Mine Crypto — Deeper Network Connect Pico

After mining Helium for the last year I became interested in learning what other “low power” miners were on the market that offered a product I would actually use and have the potential of generating passive income. I have discovered several, however, one stood out to me — Deeper Network. Deeper offers a mix of devices with all of them offering;

  • Decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN)
  • Ad blocking
  • Cyber Security
  • Parental Controls
  • Sharing economy
  • And more…

I already use VPNs like VPN Express and Avast VPN spending hundreds of dollars a year on subscriptions, making the Deeper Pico purchase on Indiegogo a no brainer! For the same price I paid with other VPNs I got the Deeper Pico with VPN access for life, in addition to the other features above and have the ability to earn the $DPR token. While the Deeper Mini (I own one as well) is great for home, I’m mostly on the road. These are the times when I’m most concerned about my computer, my data and my crypto privacy and security. The Deeper Pico gives me the ability to feel secure while traveling and mine crypto all while on-the-move.

The Deeper family of devices were never meant to mine crypto, however the mining feature was added in an effort to grow the network and benefit the community. All of the Deeper devices are straightforward to use however registering the device and setting up the mining involves a bit of time commitment and a level of investment. If you can follow step-by-step instructions you should be able to register your device(s) in about 20 minutes. Below I will outline how to earn Deeper (DPR) tokens and some nuances that will improve your earnings should you want to invest the necessary money.

How to mine the Deeper token?

  1. Connect your Deeper device to the internet and share bandwidth.
  2. In order to miner $DPR a minimum of 1000 $DPR (equivalent to $90 at today’s token price) will need to be purchased and staked to be added to the Deeper Chain.
  3. Tokens need to be staked for at least 9 months with 3 month linear vesting.
  4. Once on the Deeper Chain, miners begin with a credit score of zero. From here a miner needs to grow their organic credit score to 100 before any $DPR can be earned. This is the cheapest way to begin. However, in my opinion, if you believe in the product, community and token, it makes more sense to a minimum of 5000 $DPR to skip the minimum 200 days it would take you to earn a 100 credit score. See the chart below on how the number of tokens staked correlates with your Deeper credit score and related $DPR earnings.

How does Deeper’s Proof of Credit model work?

  1. Deeper Network allows its users to grow their credit score organically when contributing their bandwidth to the network.
  2. If your bandwidth is not contributing to the network your credit score will not increase.
  3. Your credit score grows by one (1) when you share at least 10MB of uploaded bandwidth over two (2) consecutive days.
  4. A maximum of 1 credit point can be earned over 2 days regardless of how much bandwidth over 10MB you share.
  5. A maximum of 800 credits can be earned allowing for 164.38 $DPR to be earn per day.

How much money can be made mining $DPR?

Using a 100 credit score or 5000 staked $DPR as a conservative model I like to look at three scenarios. If 1 DPR is priced at $.10 USD, $1.00 USD and $10.00 USD how much would I be earning?

With 5000 staked $DPR (100 credit score):

  • At $.10 = $.82/day or $299.30/year
  • At $1.00 = $8.22/day or $3000.30/year
  • At $10.00 = $82.20/day or $30,003.00/year

By following the mining rewards below you can figure out what you will be earning assuming your contributing the necessary bandwidth to the network:

Where can I buy Deeper Products?

Purchase Deeper Pico portable dVPN and $DPR miner on Indiegogo.

Deeper Connect Pico

Purchase Deeper Mini for at home use at the Deeper Network store

Deeper Connect Mini with dVPN, ad blocking, cyber security and $DPR mining

Where can I buy Deeper [$DPR] tokens to stake for when my Deeper Connect Pico arrives?

The $DPR token is traded on Kucoin and other tier two exchanges. As of January 26, 2022 we have seen a drastic drop in the $DPR token, down to nearly nine cents ($.10) flat surpassing a multi-month low. This recent breakthrough suggests we may see the token move into the high $.06 or low $.07 range making it a good buy while you wait for your Pico or other Deeper device to arrive.

Create a Kucoin account by clicking the link or scanning the QR code below:

See the Deeper Network blog for an instructional on How to Stake and Mine Deeper Tokens.

I personally like the fact Deeper requires tokens to be staked in order to mine. I believe this creates a stronger community and a more stable token price. My prediction is that once the Deeper Pico’s start being delivered from the Indiegogo campaign we will see users start to purchase more $DPR in order to gain access to a higher credit score and more earning potential. Assuming the crypto markets have not crashed, look for increases in the $DPR price in mid to end of February 2022.



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