Lets Play “Q&I”

At Alptitude I picked up a very cool idea from a very cool chap from the very cool ideas society. Mr Wiro Kuipers is in fact so cool, that he has made a career out of playing with lego.

Q&I in action at Alptitude

His idea:

“We all want to get somewhere but we don’t ask for help and thats crazy because everyone has ideas, experiences and contacts that could get us there really fast.”

The solution to this problem is Wiro’s simple exercise.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a bunch of people together.
  2. Everyone writes down a question they want help with. For example mine was “How do I get a famous artist to play an intimae gig (for free) at a stunning location in Dream Valley?”
  3. Pair up with someone and ask your question. Your partner has 1 minute to give you one answer, their best answer. Your partner then asks their question and you give them your best answer.
  4. The buzzer sounds and you find a new partner. In 30 minutes you have 15 ideas, contacts, leads. AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE.

A clear question is the most powerful firestarter.

Wiro’s question was

“ How can I get more people asking their questions?”

So here’s my idea for how we can all help Wiro (if this works he needs to get a famous artist to play a gig in Dream Valley — which was my question).

  1. Post this article on Twitter and/or Facebook along with your question and invite your network to play
  2. Anyone who answers your question, you have to answer their question
  3. Sit back and marvel as your dreams suddenly become reality

Try it with your family, friends or colleagues. Do it now before you get distracted by a cute puppy or a depressing spreadsheet.

It’s great helping other people realise their dreams.

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