My Alptitude 2017

a week of binging on meaningful conversations

This week in the French Alps has been a week of meaningful conversations. A week of reflection. A week of challenging my assumptions. A week of refining my mental models. A week of zooming out and seeing the big picture. A week of extending my network of trusted people. A week of being vulnerable and accepted.

Carlos and Laurence made this possible by creating the space for the 25 of us to have those meaningful conversations. The authenticity they bring to this event makes it something truly special. The basic concept seems simple:

  1. Select people with diverse backgrounds and skills that align on values and mindset.
  2. Bring them to a beautiful alpine place.
  3. Provide fresh and healthy food.
  4. Offer outdoor adventures that get people out of their comfort zones.
  5. Help people connect.
  6. Create physical, temporal & cognitive space.
  7. Enjoy the magic ✨

I had many valuable conversations about our organisational structure at Gini and the processes around that. But the week was by no means limited to that. I also enjoyed loads of conversations and sessions that furthered my personal growth. Spending time outdoors was also a big part of it. I am aware of the reflective power of climbing mountains has on me. Alptitude took this to a new level.

As an attempt to make this a more regular experience I am tossing around ideas of creating a bi-monthly meetup in or near Munich that has the same vibe. If you are keen to be part of that, please let me know.

Check out these pictures that are worth more than my 271 words.