Eggman right choice for Valley

By Al Moncada

Arrogance is the appropriate noun that describes Team Denham. In August 2014 I have texted a senior staff of Jeff Denham to ask to intervene on my behalf with their scheduling team to accommodate a debate. A back-and-forth text exchange took place between this staff and me, but the most jarring reply from this staffer was, “you have been nothing but negative Al but I have no doubt mr denham will represent the area for as long as he desires.” As long as he desires! Arrogance.

On June 26, 2016, the Modesto Bee published “Jeff Denham, do you support Trump or not” where the paper asked the “…three-term congressman’s campaign that question twice by email and once in print.” I followed up with the same senior staff to get feedback from the Denham’s campaign about it, and the staffer texted me back that “The bee thinks they’re the only news source in the world, apparently.” I thought both, Rep. Denham and the Bee were friends, I texted back, “Being friends means having a Relationship, which requires two way communication. Not one way until they need something.” the staffer replied. I guess this senior member of Team Denham forgot that good journalism is impartial and nonpartisan. Arrogance.

It is wrong when a nominee of a major political Party for President of the United States undermines our system of “government of the people, for the people and by the people.” Two days ago, Noah Bierman from the LA Times reported that Trump said he “… will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win. If he wins! Congressman Jeff Denham continued support for Trump only reaffirms he is committed him. Arrogance.

For 240 years our nation has gone through every election cycle peacefully. Denham’s undeniable support for Trump hits home dramatically. Our congressional district is politically fragile, it has become a battleground and a tossup for Team Denham. But the Congressman has no one else to blame but himself. I received an email reply from a CEO of a company located in the Central Valley. His company provides services to residential and commercial customers from all walks of life and political affiliations. I wrote to him in support of Michael Eggman for Congress, and in his reply he writes “…when the civil war breaks out, people like you and me will be on opposite sides.” Civil war? Is he kidding? I came to America almost 40 years ago because of a civil war in my country of origin, and I take threats like the one received from this CEO very seriously. Team Trump entices violence, and consequently Team Denham, for his continued support for Donald Trump.

Team Denham’s arrogance took over compromising and respect. His rebuttal of the 2008/2012 will of the people to elect/reelect Barack Hussein Obama as our President encouraged him to join the Republicans in Congress to make President Obama a one-term-president. But instead of learning from his mistakes and arrogance, he joined Team Trump in defiance to what we the people want: Respect for our system of government. Yes, it is not perfect, but it is the best democratic system in the world.

Mr. Denham wants his constituency to look at his record in Congress not his support for Team Trump. So I did, and he has not done any significant for our district. But what I found quite disturbing was Denham’s admission to help Donald Trump acquired the Old Post Office Bldg in Washington, DC; it is now the Trump International Hotel. He even bragged about it on his Official Website, Congressman Denham when he wrote that as the “Chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management in the 112th Congress, Congressman Denham has played an integral role in pushing the federal government to move forward with the redevelopment of the Old Post Office in Washington.” It must have felt gratifying for both when they met at the hotel back in 2013, for its unveiling. Sure, Obama did not become a one-term-president, but Denham made sure Obama remembers Trump daily until he leaves office; a stamp on DC that will last a lifetime. The saga continue; Politico reports that Trump has filed suit in D.C. Court calling “…the District’s valuation of the property at the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue “arbitrary, unreasonable and excessive.” Property taxes are the livelihood of communities, our schools, our streets, our local economies.

Denham like Trump belong to the top of 1% Club. Per his own FEC’ filings, Jeff Denham’s net worth has gone from under $1 million when he first ran for Congress in 2010 to over $28 million in 2016, that’s 2,800% increase! President Harry Truman once said, “an honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.” So by all means, draw your conclusions.

There have been a few articles criticizing Michael Eggman for not having any experience in public office. Most written by GOP appointees, like Mr. Denham’s representatives at the CRP or Republican Central Committee. I remind the voter that there is nothing in Article 1, Section 2 of our Constitution, that refers to “having experience” as a prerequisite to being elected to the US House of Representatives.

Eggman has a true desire to bring our Valley together. He is honest and humble; he’s a successful business owner, and he relates to the average family that is struggling from sun up to sun down to make ends meet, together building a better future. As a Latino, Eggman represents the huge Hispanic surge in population that is contributing to a very lasting demographic change taking place all around us.

Michael Eggman and I may not agree on some issues, but after spending all these years around Republicans, I can honestly say that Michael Eggman, beyond his political affiliation to the Democratic Party that I fought against for so many years, I find him most qualified to represent us all in Congress. Work experience is not required to be a Congressman, but integrity. Humility is the noun that describes Team Eggman.

Al Moncada was a lifelong Republican until recently. He is the former Chairman of RNHA in Los Angeles, and a former CA Republican Delegate. Mr. Moncada was a Hispanic Advisor to many local GOP Leaders. He writes articles on immigration reform, and he has called for the Republican Party to be inclusive, not divisive.

** Originally published at the Manteca Bulletin, October 22, 2016