But What to Call It?

Alt.end is a kind of a toss off. As many authors will tell you the hardest part of writing is coming up with a damn TITLE. In prior incarnations I sought out a title that reflected my state of mind at the time. Nominally, the title of this enterprise comes from a deep cut song by THE CURE off one of their later records. As with most Cure songs there is a sense of melancholy that permeates the tissue of the song but with a wry sense of hope that is just out the narrator’s reach. This sums up my feelings about the state of affairs we find ourselves in right about now. The country is at a crossroads in a lot of ways. Many young folks are getting WOKE just in time to watch us adults runt he place into the ground. My generation, X if are into labels, are beginning their ascent into the halls of government with our usual sense of despair and cynicism. It’s been beaten into us throughout our formative years that things are bleak and we just have to deal with it. This is different from the millennial viewpoint in that at least they have the headstrong belief that things may suck right now but we can always change the Instagram filter to see the picture clearer.

So what do I hope to do with this slice of the internet? Mostly vent and celebrate but also I want to see if I can give the ending an ALT viewpoint. I grew up in a time when Alternative was outside the mainstream. Sure, Nirvana and Pearl Jam were eventually corporatized and Dr. Dre is now known more for headphones than the beats that fueled a social revolution. But for a moment, we were the ones banging down the doors and demanding our elders take us seriously. Hopefully, we will let the next generation in and not shut them out. Wouldn’t that be the most alternative thing to do? To listen to those behind us for they may have some good ideas? Maybe…

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