Experts Say President Trump’s Overcompensation Just Getting Ridiculous Now

CAMBRIDGE — Researchers at the Harvard Institute for Presidential Studies report that United States President Donald J. Trump’s overcompensation has reached previously unheard of levels.

“Over the years we’ve done a number of studies on male overcompensation,” remarked researcher Tom J. Warren. “But this case is something else entirely.”

Dr. Warren is reported to have found President Trump’s level of overcompensation to be nearing that of Uncle Steve’s after his divorce, reporting that President Trump may be as little as two weeks away from buying an original 1960s Corvette named “babe.”

“It goes without saying that this is an unprecedented situation in United States political history. We’ve seen this kind of overcompensation in middle aged men dealing with midlife crises and the ordinary result is that they buy a used Corvette or a suspiciously large truck and call it quits. In this case, it’s the most powerful man in the world so the dick waving contest may continue ratcheting up, with potentially disastrous consequences.”

Dr. Warren is reportedly watching the unfolding situation with North Korea very carefully.

“On one side we’ve got a fat sociopath engaged in a perpetual dickwaving contest and on the other side we’ve got [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un. I fear that this overcompensation may spin rapidly out of control with irrevocable consequences for the entire planet.”