What you should know about ABET in 2020

Jan 6 · 4 min read

The last time you read about us was last year.
Yes, we can also do (bad) dad jokes 🙄

During the last holidays, Altbet Team has been working hard to come with a new wallet and a smooth 10:1 swap. With the help of the community, we are now choosing a new exchange for ABET. For this event, we are going to reopen the bounty challenges so anyone can earn some free ABET by giving us a crucial support. If any of this is catching your attention, we recommend you to read this article to its end.

A 10:1 Swap to secure the network

As many of you may know, the ABET chain has been compromised 2 months ago. A hacker has been able to steal 6,000,000 ABET, resulting into a consequent change in the price of ABET on the exchanges and an unsafe sentiment growing inside the community.

The developer team quickly handled the situation but faced a lot of issues. Multiple plans have been revealed to the community to keep them updated about the status. Thanks to the patience and support of the community, the team was able to proceed to a final 10:1 swap of the blockchain. This new blockchain has been upgraded to new protocols enforcing the security of the blockchain and blocking the compromised coins.

ABET v3.4.0.0 release

How to successfully update from old to new blockchain:

1. Save a copy of the wallet.dat in a safe repository

2. Backup %appdata%/Altbet then Delete or Rename it

3. Download abet-v3.4.0.0 release from links below

4. Open new abet-qt and wait till it syncs

5. Close your abet-qt and go to %appdata%/Abet

6. Delete existing wallet.dat and replace it with your old wallet.dat

7. Open abet-qt once again

Github release https://altbet.io/go/wallets

Windows 64 https://altbet.io/go/windows64

Windows 32 https://altbet.io/go/windows32

Ubuntu 18.04 https://altbet.io/go/ubuntu1804

Ubuntu 16.04 https://altbet.io/go/ubuntu1604

macOS https://altbet.io/go/macos

New Exchange for ABET incoming

One month ago, the team received a notice from CryptoBridge warning its users from a total closure on the 16th December. ABET is now left with STEX ,StakeCube, and Birake Exchange only. The team conclued that a bigger liquidity could bring a strong momentum to our community and launched a community vote through its Discord Channel. The Exchange suggested were:

- Luxgate

- Graviex

- Crex24

The community voted massively for Crex24 and our founder immediately sent a direct request to Crex24.

Under this tweet :

or through direct tweets about getting ABET listing on CREX24, it would be nice to see following hashtags in order to be able to have a spot in their future free listing competitions: #FreeListing @Crex_24 $ABET #ABET @altbetofficial together with few additional words.

A new Bounty Challenge is already running

To freshly start this new year, Altbet Marketing Team decided to launch a new Bounty Challenge. Our goal is to reward our most supportive users and give everyone the opportunity to get some free ABET and try out our new wallet. Already 2 Bounties are currently running on our Discord Channel.

The first bounty consists of recording a video to explain how to run and secure your ABET wallet. The best video will get $50 in BTC and 2,000 ABET.

The second bounty will be improving our current guides. This may be helpful to get more information about commands which we are using because of PIVX fork. The best guides will earn $20 in BTC and 500 ABET for each guide.

The marketing team is currently planning to release more bounties that will give more added values to ABET and its investors.

Thank you for reading this article.




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Altbet.io is a revolutionary online mutual betting platform based on our original cryptocurrency that allows you to place bets on your favorite betting sectors with the altbet coin (ABET) and in consequence, to rapidly multiply your crypto-wealth.

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