50 Questions on Work Preferences (2017 Survey)

Updates weekly until the end of 2017

So, here are the current results…with my opinionated comments. By the way, you can participate in this survey here: https://altcademy.typeform.com/to/L2KAo7?source=medium

Most participants are currently employed

Not surprisingly, a lot of people listen to music during work (including myself as I am typing this right now)

People hate open office and co-working spaces

Wake up at 8 to arrive work at 9

It’s either do my own thing OR work for Google

Midnight is the current benchmark for beauty sleeps

Participants are mostly in Engineering & IT (I hope it will get more diverse)

I didn’t expect people feel that they are more productive in the morning, but they say they do.

Companies should start paying for learning and healthcare

People want to be able to working remotely

Most participants work 5 days a week & spend at least an hour in meetings

Again, I am surprised that people think team meetings are useful

You are a norm if you slack off 60 minutes every day at work. Dare to be different?

6 hours.

Participants say they spend an average of 3.4 hours in learning every day

Maybe it’s time for you to pause now, get up from the computer, and stretch a little

The first thing people do at work is to slack off (or check work emails)

Thinking is a big part of our work. Let’s make our work environment “thinking-friendly”. It means you don’t interrupt people when they are working.

We all believe in AI, robots and automations

If you are not earning nor learning, it’s a signal to switch job

Wha’s next?

We will update the results every week. Again, you can participate in this survey here: https://altcademy.typeform.com/to/L2KAo7?source=medium

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