New Features in September 2017

Monthly update on what we’ve built

Every month, we implement new features to make online learning as effective as in-person learning. Here’s what we’ve done this month.

The New Altcademy Blue

To kick-start, we introduced a new blue!

No, we didn’t spend millions of dollars in picking this color; nor was it chosen with some scientific methods. We just stumbled upon this color and thought its sharpness fits better into what we do — making our students sharper and smarter.

Here are some real effects on websites and designs.

Real effects on websites and designs

Freebie courses on Classroom

Freebie courses (Bitcoin 101, Coding 101 and DS 101) have been added to Classroom. These courses were previously delivered through emails only.

Incremental changes were added to Classroom. It’s now showing you more relevant information about your courses.

Classroom Page

Assignments Submissions & Instructor Feedback

We are building a centralized platform for you to see and submit assignments. So far, the student engagement rate has already been improved by 10 times.

See your assignments for this course

There’s a timeline of changes for each assignment. You’ll know the deadline. Instructors can send back with comments. And, hopefully, you will pass all assignments!

See a particular assignment

Feedbacks on Course Materials

Now, you can give us emojis to tell us if we’ve done a good job. We are excited to help instructors adjust their curriculum based on your feedback.

Give us feedback at the bottom of a document

Social Media Rendering

We’ve never took the time to make our URLs look pretty on Facebook…until now!

Facebook Open Graph Rendering

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