Altcoin News: GoxDox: Mt.Gox Trustee Sold $312 Million Worth Cryptocurrencies through the Bitpoint Exchange

February 5th, 2019 by Marko Vidrih on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

The information, which allegedly appeared due to the leakage of banking documents, suggests that millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies from the bankrupt MtGox exchange could be sold through the Japanese BitPoint exchange.

On Goxdox, MtGox’s creditors support site, the corresponding images were published on Tuesday, accompanied by a statement that the banking book confirms that payments made by BitPoint in Yen to the MtGox trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi. The total payments amounted to 34.3 billion yen (about $ 312.5 million at the current exchange rate).

Documents from the Mt Gox claim filed in Tokyo. Coinlab wants $16 billion for “Breach of the license agreement.”

Coinlab Demands $ 16 Billion from Mt. Gox, Entire Process Delayed

The case of Mt. Gox is one of the largest crypto exchange hacks of all time. Since this incident, the customers of this exchange try to get a refund. The total sum amounts to 200,000 BTC. Over the years, there have been some bankruptcy proceedings and negotiations in Tokyo.

As the believers learned on January 31st, Coinlab’s founder has now caused further problems with the lawsuit by filing a $16 billion claim. This is a sum that goes far beyond any claims of creditors.

Coinlab is a company run by the former chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. If the claim of Coinlab goes through the court, all other creditors will go out.

About history:

In 2012, Coinlab entered into a deal with Mark Karpeles, former Mt. Gox CEO, to obtain the rights to US and Canadian Mt. Gox customers. Coinlab, however, did not get a license, which is why parts of the agreement ultimately failed. In May 2013, Coinlab filed a claim for breach of contract for a sum of $75 million. Coinlab’s lawsuit ultimately made matters worse for all creditors. In May 2017, Karpeles wrote an open letter to Coinlab’s Peter Vessenes, hoping to convince him to withdraw the lawsuit for $5 million.

“This lawsuit is not Coinlab vs. Mt. Gox, but Coinlab vs. Mt. Gox’s customers who have not actually done anything to be involved.”

Coinlab seeks to represent the interest of the Coinlab shareholders in the lawsuit. According to a source trusted with the situation, letters were sent to Vessenes demanding a full list of shareholders.

Some skeptics assume that there are not many shareholders, or that the Coinlab CEO is even the only shareholder.

On January 31st, Kraken’s CEO was not friendly with Coinlab. He said Coinlab’s CEO would only want some kind of compensation for a botched partnership. He also asked how the CEO believes that his $16 billion should be brought forward to all other claims for reimbursement. The next day followed another tweet:

“Why is there not more outrage over this? If this isn’t criminal, it should be. Plaintiff’s lawyers ought to be sanctioned.”

As some sources suggest, Coinlab does not seem to want to be stalled and wants the application process to take place in the United States, which could delay the whole process by a few years.

Author: Marko Vidrih

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