Altcoin News: Three Countries Have Expressed Their Desire to Issue Bonds in Bitcoins

April 19, 2019, by Marko Vidrih on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

The governments of the three countries officially confirmed their interest in issuing government bonds in Bitcoins to raise capital.

This was reported by Asia Times, citing recent statements at the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which took place this week in Washington. Afghanistan, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan are currently considering the possibility of issuing government bonds in Bitcoins, and all three countries are interested in helping the critical sectors of their economies.

According to Asia Times, Khalil Sediq, Governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, says solutions like Hyperledger Fabric

“could offer a way to access international markets via a first-of-its-kind financial instrument made possible with hyperledger’s blockchain technology financial services platform.”

The Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia, Marouane El-Abassi, is also enthusiastic about this concept. El-Abassi is known for its progressive position in relation to new technologies, including the blockchain. He said that a special working group is already exploring the possibility of issuing government bonds in Bitcoins.

He noted that Bitcoin and the blockchain technology

“offers central banks an efficient tool to combat money-laundering, manage remittances, fight cross-border terrorism and limit grey economies.”

Like many other countries, Tunisia is also considering the idea of ​​issuing a digital version of its national currency.

Meanwhile, in the case of Uzbekistan, a similar bond in Bitcoins can be tied to cotton futures, said Uzbekistan’s ambassador to the United States, Javlon Vakhabov, at spring meetings.

The attitude of the IMF to such ideas may be ambiguous. This week, the IMF and the World Bank launched a “quasi-cryptocurrency” to study the blockchain, but a few days before the IMF chairman Christine Lagarde said blockchain companies are shaking the traditional financial system and affecting its participants. In addition, a representative of the World Bank said last month that “the blockchain will not solve all the problems.”

Author: Marko Vidrih

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