Altcoin News: Winklevoss Brothers and Charlie Shrem Make an Agreement

April 18, 2019, by Marko Vidrih on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

The Winklevoss brothers and Charlie Schrem agreed to end the trial initiated by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss last year.

According to court documents, the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange accused the cryptocurrency entrepreneur Charlie Shrem of stealing 5,000 BTC in 2012. Shrem, in turn, denied all charges.

It is reported that the lawyers on both sides signed a document filed with the federal court in New York, stating that the lawsuit was voluntarily rejected without the right of the plaintiff to be represented for the same reason, and that “the case cannot be reopened.”

In an earlier court document filed on April 5, both parties confirmed that they had reached an agreement. At that time, they were given 30 days to “fully execute” this agreement.

The paper notes that the Winklevoss Capital Fund and Charlie Shrem will pay their own legal expenses. Recall that in February of this year the court ordered the Winklevoss to pay $45,000 to Shrem in compensation of legal costs. After the case was closed, Shrem stated:

“From day one, I’ve maintained the allegations are bogus, and they are of course. After their attorney was sanctioned and they were ordered to pay my legal fees twice, we recently reached a confidential resolution, and I’m dismissed from the case.”

Author: Marko Vidrih

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