Brave Browser Reaches 40 Million Downloads on Android Devices Alone

November 29, 2019, by Marko Vidrih on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Marko Vidrih
Nov 29 · 2 min read

Brave Browser, developed by Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, has reached a new milestone: 40 million downloads on Android devices alone. The browser, which is closely linked to the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has achieved a number of positive milestones over the past 12 months.

The privacy-driven Brave browser has just passed an important milestone and achieved 40 million downloads on the Android platform alone. For comparison: the app of the popular Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has only 20 million downloads.

Brave is a browser that blocks ads and trackers and enjoys great popularity in the cryptocurrency community. The project’s associated token, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has also progressed in recent months and can be used as a reference for publications, users, and content creators.

In July, the browser brought the advertising platform of the BAT token to mobile devices. The Brave Ads program, first offered to desktop users, rewards users with the BAT token for showing ads. This option helps to protect users’ privacy — a point Brave strictly adheres to.

This could contribute to the growth of the platform because Brave’s attitude to respect for privacy speaks up.

The Brave browser kept making headlines about significant milestones that illustrate its growth. So the browser left its beta phase last November and started Brave 1.0 — a sign of the strong development and acceptance of the project.

Earlier this year, Brave reached 20 million downloads on the Android platform, and the current jump to 40 million shows that the browser is growing exponentially. In about eight months, the software was able to double its Android user base. In Japan, Brave is the most downloaded Android browser.

Brave is equipped with a cryptocurrency exchange and offers among other things the possibility to recommend the most popular content creators.

Author: Marko Vidrih


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