Crypto Needs to Shake Tether Off


Rui Carreira
Nov 16 · 3 min read

Yes, I’m one of those who say Tether needs to die in order for Crypto to have a real chance.

In a world where so many are so vocal about the FED, artificially created wealth, corruption and other problems, it seems odd Tether seems to be so at ease in this new market.

In my opinion, USDT needs to die off in order for us to experience any meaningful cryptocurrency growth in adoption and usability.

…And don’t come at me with the stability argument, we have a whole variety of legit stablecoins for that.

Another irony I find disgusting is the fact some people want to implement everything from the current monetary system into the new one and just rebrand it under a different name.

This is misguided, and although it’s easy to understand that it’s what there’s info about and what people are comfortable doing, it will fail with time and with each hard fork and new token we witness on the way towards posterity.

Tether seems, to me, like a glorified FED — except with a lot more corruption and manipulation into the mix.

We also have those rumors and alleged events around Tether, and it doesn’t seem that farfetched to think some of them may even be true.

It also seems a bit weird that Tether changes its small lettering in weird ways from time to time, and that tether dollars are used the way they are

We’ve all seen countless “Bart Simpson” patterns on the graphs and other events that seem to confirm this suspicion many have, and it would be positive if Tether would stop being used and adopted.

Now, we have countless of very interesting tweets to analyze like:

Let’s face it, I could sugar coat the pill here but all of us in the crypto community know what Tether does, and it's our responsibility to think about it and make informed decisions, here is what I’m doing…

What I aim to do right now is to HODL my portfolio. A huge portion of it is stakeable tokens so it generates a profit anyways. While I do this, I wait for Tether to get out of the picture and all of the prices to hugely tank.

When the prices tank, I’ll get back in the game, as the big dog is now out of the race.

It’s up to you to decide, but crypto is the future — with or without Tether, but hopefully without.


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