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By Evan Ducktator on Altcoin Magazine

Evan Ducktator
May 16 · 3 min read

Crypto Twitter is an active and live community full of market information, memes, and experienced investors bits of advice. Unfortunately, it’s also full of scammers who are eager to hit the jackpot scamming and luring green crypto enthusiasts. Here is the list of the most well-known Crypto Twitter scammers.

1. LandM_Marius (777319354387922945)

Marius was pretending to be a well-known crypto expert who sells algorithms and makes price forecasts to Wall Street. All his activity was intended to involve as many people as possible into his paid community.

Beside from stealing the other blogs content, he was making Bitcoin and Litecoin prices outlooks based on nothing. One of his best-known forecasts was the statement that LTC will grow to $1400. This prediction lured lots of new users to his community.

Marius’ other shady practice was stealing TheCryptoMonk’s charts and insisting on the fact that it was his original content.

His account is still active and consists of 41.6K followers.

2. Сoin_signals: 909690094033997824

Coin Signals account holder Jeremy Spence was a Bitmex trader who was busy as a bee involving his Twitter followers to launch a fraudulent fund. In other words, he founded a Ponzi scheme and raised $5.000.000. Jeremy was having the time of his life until his fund collapsed in the blink of an eye. In November 2018 he decided to long Bitcoin before the breakdown towards $3k.

Jeremy had no legal basis to manage the other people money, and in December 2018 Silver Miller law firm commenced a new federal court lawsuit on Jeremy’s behalf.

The account is not active since November 2018.

3. BitcoinTre: 927910572427022341

In 2017 Trevon James was a popular crypto blogger with an active community. Along with blog activity, he found a Ponzi scheme that leads to the financial crisis of lots of his subscribers. Furthermore, he used his followers to share referral links to attract newcomers into his fraud.

This scam scheme collapsed in January 2018. His videos are still listed on his Youtube channel.

4. Cryptorandyy: 1064522298496073728 BitManny: 1097568962307637249

You had a chance to witness this shady account in early 2018. Cryptorandyy was stealing content from the other account and pretended to be an experienced investor.

His formative activity was aimed at attracting people into his private discord community. When people in his community smelled a rat, he shouted down Discord without any notice.

By the way, he was deactivated and reactivated his Twitter account with brand new personalities and used the same scam schemes. Just for the record, he has stolen one SwenLink’s tweet and said everyone that it was them who cheating and stealing small bloggers content.

His latest scam was luring one of his subscribers to give him over 110k XRP to trade on his behalf. Believe it or not, but he disappeared without paying it back.

It’s not a full scammers list, and I’m sure right now somebody keeps scamming unassuming users. If you noticed any suspicious activity, please inform Crypto Twitter community or report to me via

Let’s fight the scam activity together!


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