How I Got Addicted To This Drug We Call Crypto


Andy Little
May 28 · 4 min read

I want to share with you my story of getting into the crypto space and how it helped me grow and develop new friendships.

When I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2010 from a school friend, I couldn’t come to terms with the idea or the process behind it, my brain instantly switched off and alarm bells started ringing, leaving me thinking what is this scam he is trying to sell me?

Roll on 7 years later and I heard about Bitcoin making new heights and my friend rang me up getting excited about how much he has made. At the time, Bitcoin was only around £1500 and no one would expect what was to come next.

After the constant pestering and harassing from my friend, I got into the crypto space…

I’ve experienced the amazing highs and terrible lows of this adrenaline-filled journey, from checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if I’m rich to totally ignoring the space and praying I didn’t lose any more money.

My first buys in the crypto space where Litecoin and erm, Tron… (I’m still up to this day don’t like to admit this) I remember signing up to Coinbase and seeing Litecoin and thinking I could own a full one of those and instantly bought, thinking I could be a millionaire overnight. (P.S this didn’t happen)

Tron came into the picture because of the constant shilling being made on the R/Cryptocurrency page and being a young naive investor, I took the bait. TRX Tokens were under 1 cent each and it made me feel like a true crypto baller buying thousands for next to nothing! However, I didn’t take into account that they were only listed on one the shadiest exchange at the time “” (which later was exposed as a scam and stole millions).

After several “unexpected maintenances” and being unable to access funds, I was able to transfer my tokens to the then golden exchange “Binance” where my crypto bug got worse with wider selections of tokens.

The man behind Tron, Justin Sun is a marketing genius. I don’t care what everyone’s opinion is on the guy, but he knows how to move his Tokens and make a hell of a lot of money whilst doing so. He had myself and everyone in the crypto space believe that Tron will one day take over number 2 ranked Ethereum and be worth thousands, but in hindsight, we should have known this wouldn’t happen.

But Tron wasn’t one of my biggest mistakes, I heard about a project called Verge and how the developer “Sunrok” was going to make the project one of the biggest in the crypto space. Roll on buying Verge for the highly inflated price of $0.17 then having to panic sell at $0.05 in fear of losing all my money, this mistake made me really think about educating myself in the space and stop following the mindless shilling of R/Cryptocurrency.

Over the past two years, I’ve switched between so many projects making money and losing even more, before finally finding my feet with the Zilliqa project. I like the technology, the community, and the overall transparency and contributions from the Zilliqa team.

But most importantly the community encouraged me to follow my passion for writing and helped me get over the negativities of my dyslexia. I now try to write as much as I can and design for the projects I like and believe in. This has opened so many doors for me in publications, news sites, and even writing and designing for projects and websites.

I joined the crypto space because of the constant pestering from my friend and the dreams of making it rich as many of us have but in the end, I found a community that helped me overcome my worries and find a new hobby that I seriously love.

The crypto space doesn’t have to be all about prices and making money it’s an opportunity to make new friends, grow communities, and find a hobby you can turn into a job.

This is my crypto journey to date and I would love to hear your story! Thank you for reading, Andy!


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The best damn place to read and write about crypto and blockchain.